What Do You Think of Sarah Palin’s 150K Wardrobe?

What Do You Think of Sarah Palin’s 150K Wardrobe? The guys at The Young Turks.Com give their take on this ridiculous spending of funds by the Republican Party! The Republicans made a huge gaffe here! Senator McCain where is your wisdom in stopping foolishness like this?

So much for being the party of the Humble Man, and the Humble Woman! Who’s elitist now? Vote Obama/Biden!

Why Are Some Saying Liberals Don’t Love America?

Why Are Some Saying Liberals Don’t Love America?

What’s with all of these ridiculous Real American arguments? These guys on the right are becoming real loons! The conservatives in this land are not embracing diversity are they? Vote Obama/Biden!

Sarah Palin’s Soccer Moms and Joe Six Packs Are Not Black!

Sarah Palin’s Soccer Moms and Joe Six Packs Are Not Black! First of all, I am not negating the fact that there are black mothers who allow their kids to play soccer. I am also aware that there are a slew of brothers who enjoy a six pack of their favorite beer on a daily basis. However; neither of these are the targets that Sarah Palin is busy appealing to when she mentions the Soccer Moms, and Joe Six Packs of this nation. Governor Palin in trying to rally the Conservative base is busy trying to appeal to the Jethros, Ellies, Bubbas, and Bubbaettes within the Conservative Base of The Republican Party. She is using code language in her appeal to these factions. It’s as if she almost just wants to scream out, “Don’t You See We Are White?”

Governor Palin’s recent personal attacks on Senator Obama are meant to solicit an angry response by Senator Obama so we can see some more White America Rallies to Attack the Black Man Who Made the Sweet White Soccer Mom Cry Drama! Senator Obama shouldn’t respond to any of Governor Palin’s attempts to attack him. She is clamoring the spotlight so badly that she would allow herself to be pushed for a position that she is clearly not qualified for. She is busy trying to rally the base of the Republican Party, and Black America should know from the outset that Sarah Palin doesn’t have you in mind, nor are we part of her agenda!

Senator Obama let her rail on, because she is ready to unleash her own Hillary Clinton Like Crying Episode! Sarah Palin is on the ticket in order to rally the poor, the racist, and the conservative talking head led white base of the party that John McCain is having a problem connecting with! I would almost bet that she will not address one African American Issue on the campaign trail! I really think that Governor Palin is a closet racist!

You Heard it Here First!

We Are Still Excited About Senator Barack Obama!

We Are Still Excited About Senator Barack Obama! Senator Barack Obama’s campaign is rolling along at a great pace. We now have less than 30 days to the election, and one would have to admit that Senator Obama is in a great position to win. He is up in nearly every poll. However; the Republican Party with their Karl-Rove Like Tactics will probably unleash an arsenal that few have seen before! Black America, and others of every hue and belief system let’s elect Senator Barack Obama to the Presidency of this Nation , so we can once again witness constructive change in our land! We want you excited also, so we are including several great video clips provided by the Obama Campaign!

Obama/Biden 08! Do you want to trust the Republican Ticket with the Nuclear Codes when neither can pronounce the word nuclear? Go Barack Go!

Presidential Candidate Bob Barr Explains Disillusionment with GOP!

Presidential Candidate Bob Barr Explains Disillusionment with GOP!

Are the Republicans Getting Along With Each Other? The Republican Party has Some Issues!

Does the Republican Party Care About Black People?

Does the Republican Party Care About Black People?

How can a serious political party be satisfied with having only 32 black delegates, which accounts for only 2% of their delegates? The Republican Party is not representative of a cross section of America! There also seems to be a dearth of strategies by the Republican Party Brain Trust to attack blacks to The Republican Party! This party needs some serious examination! In the later clips, do you see any vestige of color in the audience shots?

Can you now see why Black America is overwhelmingly for Senator Barack Obama in the Presidential Race? Can we afford to see another 4 years come and go with the concerns of Black America being spurned by a party that doesn’t even see fit to embrace people of color?

The Democrats Roll Out the Big Guns!

The Democrats Roll Out the Big Guns in support of Senator Barack Obama’s Presidential Bid! The Democratic Party have kept up their fierce attacks on the Republican Party many mishaps during the 2008 Democratic National Convention with their big guns leading the way. Senator Hillary Clinton, Former President Bill Clinton, Senator John Kerry, and VP Nominee Senator Joe Biden each pound the party of President Bush, and Senator John McCain!