Is Sarah Palin Smarter Than a Third Grader?

Is Sarah Palin Smarter Than a Third Grader? Keith Olbermann gives these special comments directed at Governor Palin again!

I’m speechless on this one! Vote Obama/Biden!

Enjoy this Moment of Truth With Rachel Maddow!

Enjoy this Moment of Truth With Rachel Maddow!

Obama/Biden will be the only wise choice to make this November!


Do You Believe that Sarah Palin Can Tell the Truth?

Do You Believe that Sarah Palin Can Tell the Truth? Governor Palin is definitely a truth stretcher in these clips!

Rachel Maddow is Awesome! Governor Palin seems to attack the truth with reckless abandon! I am stunned by Governor Palin’s belief that people will believe the horrible explanations that she gives when she is caught doing things that aren’t quite right! Once again I will plead with America to not let this lady get any where near the nuclear codes! Vote Obama/Biden!

Alaskan Women and Christians are Against Sarah Palin!

Alaskan Women and Christians are Against Sarah Palin! Seems like Sarah Baracuda needs to take care of some business at home doesn’t it?

Let’s send Governor Palin back home to Alaska so you can mend fences with some of these ladies! Vote Obama/Biden!

Sarah Palin Disputes Finding She Abused Power!

Sarah Palin Disputes Finding She Abused Power! Republican vice-presidential nominee, Sarah Palin, defended her actions on Saturday after an Alaska ethics report concluded that she had abused her power as governor when firing a state official.

Governor Palin looks like she hadn’t totally cleaned out her own closet, before she started to try bringing out the so called skeletons in Senator Obama’s Closet! Let’s leave Sarah Palin in Alaska so she can devote more time to cleaning her Alaskan Closets Out! We can’t let this lady get any more power to abuse! Vote Obama/Biden!

Is the Republican Ticket Sinking?

Is the Republican Ticket Sinking? The McCain and Palin Ticket Needs to Work on Both Their Domestic and Their Foreign Affairs Skills!

The Republican Ticket is simply running an amazing campaign of blunders! The failed policies of the Bush Administration would seem to continue if Senator McCain, and Governor Palin make it to The White House! Even Die Hard Republicans Couldn’t be Happy With These Characters! I am of the opinion that some of these characters shouldn’t talk at home without a teleprompter! Let’s just get to the basics it’s not a matter of not knowing Senator Obama for many Americans, it is simply a matter of race! Can America look past the race of Senator Obama and elect him as our next President? Can America be bold enough to elect our First Black President? Obama/Biden 08!