Blogging Black.Com Will Become the Voice of Black America!

Blogging Black.Com Will Become the Voice of Black America! Blogging Black.Com is a Top Black Blog! This blog has had over 120,000 + visits since it’s January 2007 Launch! We are now prepared to launch into our next phase, as Blogging Black.Com will become one of the most powerful voices in Black America! Sit back and enjoy as we enter our next phase! We will bring the most important news concerning Black America that we will find from various media sources, and the vast expanse of information contained at some of our sister sites below!

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US Black.Com

One Hood.US

Online at Work.Com

My Black Event.Com

US Destiny.Com

Black America Space.Com

We Are on Our Way!

Blogging Black.Com has garnered over 2,000 visits in less than it’s first 2 months, with most of it’s traffic in the last week. Our traffic is increasing and we want to be the top website for black bloggers. We have so many things that are coming, and I can assure you that this will be the website to come to. What can we do to increase our traffic even more?

March 2008 Update!

We have now received well over a 100,000 Views and Blogging Black.Com is a growing part of the rapidly rising Black Blogosphere!