No Halloween Candy for Kids Who Support Obama!

No Halloween Candy for Kids Who Support Obama! The guys at The Young Turks.Com are at it again!

This is bad taste at its worst! Let’s pray for this lady! Some Republicans are amazing aren’t they? Obama/Biden 08!

How to Protect Your Vote and Spot Dirty Tricks!

How to Protect Your Vote and Spot Dirty Tricks! The story of voter suppression efforts in 2008 — and how you can fight back. Get started by making sure you have the correct info about where to vote:

Don’t listen to the Republican Chants of Voter Fraud! Don’t fall for the Republican Caging attempts, or the Republican attempts at Voter Suppression! Obama/Biden 08!

Republicans How’s That “W” On Your Car Going For You?

Republicans How’s That W” On Your Car Going For You? There are literally millions of Americans with the “W” Bumper Stickers on there vehicles. After two of the worst Presidential Administrations ever, how is that “W” on your car going for You?

“W” Bumper Sticker Owners remember that you reap what you have sowed! How’s that “W” on your car going for you, can you still afford the car that the bumper sticker is on? Don’t vote based on race my good Republican friends, end the incompetence, and elect Senator Barack Obama! Does the “W” stand for President Bush’s middle name, or does it stand for White?

Alaskan Republican Senator Stevens Found Guilty!

Alaskan Republican Senator Stevens Found Guilty! Longest serving Republican Senator (40yrs) is found guilty on all 7 counts and could potentially face 35 years (5 years for each count) in prison.

Even though we are not fans of the Republican Party, it is our prayer that Senator Stevens will not have to spend his last days in prison!

Al Qaeda Endorses John McCain!

Al Qaeda Endorses John McCain! Isn’t it amazing that the Republicans have got the nod of some of our fiercest enemies? The guys at The Young Turks.Com give their take on this endorsement!

Let’s not agree with the nod that Bin Laden and his crew have made! Vote Obama!

Has the Straight Talk Express Turned Into the Hate Express?

Has the Straight Talk Express Turned Into the Hate Express? The Republicans have had a problem connecting with many Americans. Can you believe how desperate the Republican Ticket has become?

When will John McCain, and Sarah Palin talk about the issues that are concerning most of Middle Class America? Does the Straight Talk Express need a major engine overhaul?

Country First My …?

Country First My …? Here are some especially candid remarks from Keith Olbermann on Republicans who brag so often about putting this country first!

Keith give them a little bit of Hades on this one! Vote Obama/Biden!