The Election is Over! What Did We Learn?

The Election is Over! What Did We Learn? Alas, election ’08 is finally over!!! Like a never ending soap opera, this highly contested election season was marked by historic benchmarks, aggressive mudslinging, inspiration, suprising revelations, political engagement, and an October surpsise…the economic collapse. In various ways, each had a significant impact on the election, in ways no one could’ve ever anticipated.

Black Voters React to Election 2008!

Black Voters React to Election 2008! In Los Angeles’ African-American enclaves the mood was buoyant and joyous that voters ushered the first black president elect in the nation’s history. The AP’s John Mone visited some of those neighborhoods.

This was a joyous occasion!

Jay-Z Says He’s Voting for Barack Obama!

Jay-Z Says He’s Voting for Barack Obama! Jay-Z encourages voters to vote in the upcoming election during a concert in Detroit, Michigan. Make sure you get involved and get out to vote on Tuesday, November 4, 2008.
To find your polling place or for more information about election day, go to

Is This Election Over?

Is This Election Over? The guys at The Young Turks.Com give their take on the upcoming Presidential Election!

Just Get Out and Vote Folks! Vote Obama/Biden!

Watch Michelle Obama at Women’s Leadership Forum!

Watch Michelle Obama at Women’s Leadership Forum! Michelle Obama spoke at the Women’s Leadership Forum on October 10, 2008, in Chicago, Illinois.

Michelle Obama will make a wonderful First Lady!

Sarah “The Hockey Mom” Palin is Resoundingly Booed at Hockey Game!

Sarah “The Hockey Mom” Palin is Resoundingly Booed at Hockey Game in Philly! Gov. Sarah Palin is roundly booed while dropping first puck at Philadelphia Flyers vs. New York Rangers hockey game. Note the fans in the background, and how the PA blasts the music to wash out the reaction.

Looks like the self absorbed one doesn’t have the support that she thinks! Boys & Girls it looks like Pennsylvania is definitely in play for Senator Obama! Obama/Biden 08!

Keating Economics: John McCain and the Financial Crisis!

Keating Economics: John McCain and the Financial Crisis! See the full-length video at starting at noon Eastern on 10/6. KEATING ECONOMICS: The story of John McCain and the making of a financial crisis.

It seems like John McCain knows a thing or two about the creation of a financial crisis! Senator McCain in my opinion is not the man that America should choose to lead us out of the quagmire that we are now in! I am including another link to the website below! Obama/Biden 08!

Click Here To Go To Keating Economics.Com