Is the Black Church a Target of the Media?

The Black Church seems to be under an allout attack from the media and from the blogosphere. Has the recent success and growth of the Black Church as a whole brought this attack on? There have been many shortcoming that many black churches have exhibited over the years, but why has there been such a massive effort to showcase these shortcomings at this particular time? I affirm that wrongdoing and unethical practices should be eradicated at the earliest possible opportunity, yet I think that the Black Church has been targeted unfairly. Virtually any article about a black megachurch pastor, usually has a negative slant to it. Pastor Joel Osteen gets far less attacks on him than virtually any African American Word of Faith preacher that are preaching the same thing that he does. Bishop T. D. Jakes has even had an unauthorized biography written about him. The African American community has it’s church as the crux of it’s community. Why are there so many outlets to attack the Black Church? The Dallas Observer has it’s Bible Girl:Unfair Park Religion Column , that is busy targeting the black Church and it’s leaders. Blogs such as Pulpit Pimps don’t lag far behind. Why are all of the heretic hunters targeting our black evangelists, while the Rick Warrens, Paula Whites, and Joel Osteen’s of our world are all celebrated? Every black preacher is not a pimp in the pulpit! Is this an attempt to silence the voice and curb the power of the Black Church? Enquiring minds want to know!

Guest Columnist,
Pastor Stephen F. Smith

Sure House Church, Inc.