You Might be Black in the Day if You Remember…………….

Do you remember these? Send me any of your suggestions and I will add them.

You might be Black in the Day if You Remember………………

You played paper football on the desks at school

Andrae Crouch

When Everyone’s Grandmother Stayed With Them

When your pastor didn’t have 8-10 armorbearers

Waiting on the church bus to pick you up for Sunday School

You wondered what that deacon at church was saying in the Dr. Watt’s Hymn

You snuck and played your folk’s Moms Mabley, Red Fox, or Richard Pryor Albums

You remember the Ohio Players’ Album Cover for Fire

When the Isley Brothers,The Ojays, and Earth Wind and Fire were the order of the day

You fought your neighbor in the morning and you’ll were already playing together again by noon

You knew at exactly what time the street light went off (Note: This was the time to have been home by)

You had a Huffy Bike with the sharp reflectors that you didn’t want stolen

You always call Martin Luther King, Jr.- The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King

The one car in your family was either a Granada, Chevette,Monte Carlo, or a Station Wagon

You stayed at church all day long on Sundays


Clothes Lines in the Backyards

Someone on Your Street having chickens

Tank Tops

Jelly Shoes

Cutoff Shorts

Chuck Taylor NBA Shoes

Neighbors Walking to the Store in Robes or Slippers

Someone calling their Grandmothers “Madear”

Someone calling their Grandfathers “Big Daddy”

Sears Catalogs

One Car to a House

Cars that didn’t move parked in the yard

Cooley High

Pam Grier

Huggy Bear


Player’s Balls

Fanning yourself at church with a funeral home fan of Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Mahalia Jackson, or four little black girls

Manwhich Sandwhiches

Potted Meat Sandwhiches

Vienna Sausages

Canned Sardines


The Mack


You had a neighbor either with a Heart Shaped or Dollar Sign Shaped Gold Tooth

Calling your Cadillac a hog

The first time that you rode in a limo was at a funeral

You remember The Bump, The Slide, or The Funky Chicken

You call a slow dance a social

You owned a pair of Stacks

You remember the Jackson 5 Cartoon

You remember the Sylvers

You remember when Black Music was called Soul Music

You stayed up late with Don Cornelius every Saturday Night

You remember people saying even not(Such as-I didn’t even not say nothing to you)

Getting your hair curled for the girls

The Process hairdo


Putting Grease on instead of Lotion

Having neighbors that everyone called Junebug or Bookie

Getting a new outfit for July 4th

Petey Wheatstraw

Willie Dolemite

Cornbread, Earl, and Me

You watched Brian’s Song at school

Fighting over the last package of Kool-Aid

People circling each other should to shoulder for an hour before the fight started

Walter Hawkins

Your Choir singing Going Up Yonder, Changed, Be Grateful, We’ve Come this Far by Faith, or Call Him Up at church

Vacation Bible School being the Bomb

Playing Hide and Go Seek for Hours

Playing Catch a Girl Get a Girl

Artis Gilmore

Earl the Pearl

Gale Sayers

Walt Frazier


Saying God Kisses and the Devil Misses before eating some food that you dropped

Stay Soft Fro

Afro Sheen

Kiddie Kit

Calling the Car Electra 225-Deuce and a Quarter

Having 3 channels to watch

A Hangar on top of your television for better reception
Combs, Picks, and Rakes with the Black Power Fish showing

Calling high pants “floods”

Calling Cheap Tennis Shoes “Bobos” or “Buddies”

Getting a Bowl Cut at the Barber Shop

Having an Old Man at the Barber Shop that Wouldn’t Cut Your Hair Right

Tube Socks underneath your dress socks

Playing the dozens with noone getting shot

Making nun chucks out of sticks

Turning clothpins and sticks into weapons

Getting a speech before you got a spanking

Extension Cords

Being hit with Flying Houseshoes

Saying it Loud-I’m Black and I’m Proud

Anita Ward of Ring My Bell Fame

The Hippest Trip in America

People Calling Themselves Mackdaddies

Player Player from the Himalayas

Men Wearing Fur Coats

Calling Each Other Brothers and Sisters

Your Favorite Show was Good Times

Micheal Jackson was completely ours

Black Exploitation Movies

Sneaking in the Drivein to watch Cleopatra Brown

You got in trouble for saying Shaft was a bad mother-shut your mouth

You thought Ron O’Neal was the coolest man in America

J. J. was your favorite African American visual artist

You looked for black people on The Andy Griffith Show, The Beverly Hillbillies, or The Brady Bunch

You used to play that’s my car

You took your ball home when someone didn’t pick you on their team, in other words if I don’t play nobody plays!

You played pickup and run and called it Hotball

You had a crush on Thelma on Good Times

You prayed for James to get a better job on Good Times

Flip Flops

The Mahalia Jackson Chicken Franchise

The Boogie Man

The Greasy Man

Wearing Hairnets All Day

Putting Batteries in the Icebox(Note-(Icebox)They were called this a while back in the hood

Thinking you were rich because you got the new Evil Knievel Toy, The Easy Bake Oven, or a BB Gun

Only seeing part of your family at funerals and weddings

The Hot Tamale Man