Pray for Temple of Deliverance Church of God in Christ!

Pray For Temple of Deliverance COGIC! This is a wonderful church that was founded by The Late Bishop G. E. Patterson. He followed the Lord’s vision with the planting of Temple of Deliverance and took a small group of people and this small group eventually grew to maybe somewhere near 18,000+ people. This church is full of great people, but there are so many that would love to see the demise of this great church. There has been so many attacks on this church by members of the Christian Blogosphere, and many of these attacks have been undeserved. Many people loved Bishop Patterson and the work that he built, and many also love Sister Louise Patterson who helped in the building of this ministry by the extreme amount of personal sacrifices that she has made over the years. Fox Memphis News was overly eager to broadcast the news of a unfortunate situation at the Temple which shouldn’t have made front page news. Please continue to pray for this wonderful church!