Senator Barack Obama Has Dialogue With Heckler On African American Issues!

Senator Barack Obama Has Dialogue With Heckler On African American Issues! A day after John McCain’s campaign accused Barack Obama of having “played the race card,” the senator from Illinois was confronted by self-described members of the “International African Revolution” concerned he doesn’t talk enough about race.

A boisterous town hall meeting in the Gibbs High School gym here was repeatedly interrupted by activists from the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement, a pan-African socialist group, who accused Obama of ignoring the plight of poor blacks targeted by predatory lenders, police brutality and racist attacks. Obama tried to calm the situation, with assists from a supportive crowd that shouted the hecklers down.

I don’t blame the brother in the crowd for fighting for African American Issues, I am just a little disappointed in the manner that he chose to do it!

The Nation of Islam!

There is probably no other group in Black America that is viewed with more scorn from those who are outside of our community than The Nation of Islam. The vast majority of Black America may not totally agree with their religious views, but it would be difficult to negate their valiant efforts in the struggle for Black and African-American Issues!