Food Prices Are on the Rise!

Food Prices Are on the Rise! There is a 4% increase in food prices in 2009 even as the price for just about everything else is coming down. Cynthia Bowers explains why food is still so expensive.

A brother almost needs to almost go into sackcloth and ashes before going grocery shopping these days!

Keating Economics: John McCain and the Financial Crisis!

Keating Economics: John McCain and the Financial Crisis! See the full-length video at starting at noon Eastern on 10/6. KEATING ECONOMICS: The story of John McCain and the making of a financial crisis.

It seems like John McCain knows a thing or two about the creation of a financial crisis! Senator McCain in my opinion is not the man that America should choose to lead us out of the quagmire that we are now in! I am including another link to the website below! Obama/Biden 08!

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