What’s the Future of Job Hunting and Recruiting?

What’s the Future of Job Hunting and Recruiting? http://geeks.pirillo.comhttp://live.pirillo.com – Yes it’s true.  Are you looking for a job? Did you ever consider your next job may come to you? http://chris.pirillo.com.

Take the words of Chris Pirillo to heart, there will be scores of changes in the traditional way that many of us find jobs and opportunities! This clip if comical in places, but he shares some very powerful thoughts in this clip!

Watch Sarah Lacy on The Growing Blogosphere Angst!

Watch Sarah Lacy on The Growing Blogosphere Angst! Sarah Lacy is an award winning journalist and author that has been a reporter in Silicon Valley for nearly a decade, covering everything from the tiniest startups to the largest public companies.

Gain Tips From Search Engine Guru Danny Sullivan!

Gain Tips From Search Engine Guru Danny Sullivan! Danny Sullivan has been helping webmasters, marketers and everyday web users understand how search engines work for over a decade.

Blogging Black.Com Will Become the Voice of Black America!

Blogging Black.Com Will Become the Voice of Black America! Blogging Black.Com is a Top Black Blog! This blog has had over 120,000 + visits since it’s January 2007 Launch! We are now prepared to launch into our next phase, as Blogging Black.Com will become one of the most powerful voices in Black America! Sit back and enjoy as we enter our next phase! We will bring the most important news concerning Black America that we will find from various media sources, and the vast expanse of information contained at some of our sister sites below!

Mid South Black.Com

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My Black Event.Com

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Black America Space.Com

Blogging Black.Com Invites You to Join Black America Space.Com

Blogging Black.Com Invites You to join Black America Space.Com. It is one of the hottest MySpace pages on the Social Networking Website.

Former Tennesse Senator John Ford Goes to Trial

Former Tennessee State Senator John Ford’s trial is underway in Memphis,Tennessee. Former Senator Ford whose family is prominent in the Memphis political community has been charged with corruption, bribery, and intimidating a witness. The accused’s family includes former Congressman Harold Ford Sr. and his son also a former congressman and future presidential hopeful, Harold Ford Jr. This will be a trial that will dominate the Memphis media in the days to come. One can follow the day to day happenings in the case by viewing the Tennessee Waltz blog of WREG TV, which is the CBS affiliate in the Memphis Market.

Tennessee Waltz Blog