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  1. It’s unfortunate that some people are taking this opportunity to push their own beliefs and agendas on the suffering of those in Haiti. Haiti needs help and that comes from respected organizations that are working to provide food, health/ emergency aid relief, and human trafficking prevention in the area.

    Let’s Change Haiti is a non-profit that is partnering with three groups- Partners in Health, American Red Cross, and UNICEF- that are doing just that.

    From March 15 to April 15 Let’s Change Haiti is aiming to tap into what Real Simple magazine estimates to be $10.5 billion in loose change circulating through households around America at any given moment.

    Follow LCH on Twitter at @letschangehaiti or read more about the cause on Facebook by searching ‘Let’s Change Haiti’, where you will be able to add to the discussion, learn more about donating, and share with friends.

    You can also mail donations to:
    Let’s Change Haiti
    P.O. Box 400314
    Charlottesville, VA 22904-4313

    I hope you will choose to write or link to LCH through your own blog or Twitter, in which case we would be more than happy to showcase your work on our page as well.

    Thank you for your work on shedding light on the issue of Haiti.

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