Please Know Your Voting Rights In Nevada!

Please Know Your Voting Rights In Nevada! Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel give you the full scoop on voting in Nevada. Go to for all the info you need.

Let’s Early Vote for the change that is needed in our land! Vote Obama/Biden!

Omaha is for Obama!

Omaha is for Obama! Visit http://Nebraska.BarackObama.Com to get involved in our campaign for change today.

Isn’t it amazing to see Nebraska for Obama? Obama/Biden08!

We Are Still Excited About Senator Barack Obama!

We Are Still Excited About Senator Barack Obama! Senator Barack Obama’s campaign is rolling along at a great pace. We now have less than 30 days to the election, and one would have to admit that Senator Obama is in a great position to win. He is up in nearly every poll. However; the Republican Party with their Karl-Rove Like Tactics will probably unleash an arsenal that few have seen before! Black America, and others of every hue and belief system let’s elect Senator Barack Obama to the Presidency of this Nation , so we can once again witness constructive change in our land! We want you excited also, so we are including several great video clips provided by the Obama Campaign!

Obama/Biden 08! Do you want to trust the Republican Ticket with the Nuclear Codes when neither can pronounce the word nuclear? Go Barack Go!

Ohio Voters Are Early Voting for Barack Obama by the Droves!

Ohio Voters Are Early Voting for Barack Obama by the Droves! Election day is now! Vote in Ohio from September 30 to November 3. Visit for all the info you need.

Let’s Turnout in Record Numbers in The Buckeye State in Support of Senator Barack Obama’s Presidential Bid! Obama/Biden 08!

Register to Vote and Get a Free Haircut!

Register to Vote and Get a Free Haircut! It seems that some people actually understand how important this election is, and they are doing whatever they can, to make sure the right candidate gets elected!

So, lets get inspired by this story! If you know someone who isn’t registered to vote send them to and encourage them to do so! It’s free and in most cases, you have until October 6 to register for one of the most important elections of our lifetime!

I Love This! Let’s get out the vote for Obama!

Voter Registration: The Struggle in Mississippi!

Voter Registration: The Struggle in Mississippi! Residents of McComb, Mississippi discuss the summer of 1964 when they risked their lives for the right to vote.

How can we not honor the legacies of those who fought so hard for our right to vote? Let’s honor their resolve by electing Senator Barack Obama as the next President of the United States!