Unprecedented Security to Protect Obama!

Unprecedented Security to Protect Obama! A record turnout is expected for Obama’s inauguration, but the biggest ceremony in US history also requires the biggest security detail. Sebastian Walker reports.

Our prayers are with our new President! No weapon formed against him will prosper!

Secret Service Investigates “Kill Obama” Graffiti in Houston!

The Secret Service investigates “Kill Obama” Graffiti in Houston,Texas! If you drive around northwest Houston, you are bound to see graffiti – most of it is unrecognizable. But the graffiti in this video has caught the attention of the Secret Service and its message is clear: Kill Obama.

The individuals that did this should be prosecuted vigorously! This is sick and sorry. I am praying that God will enlighten these individuals to make something of their lives. This delving into negativity shows that each of the individuals that would perform acts such as these needs real help!