America and the World Celebrates An Obama Victory!

America and the World Celebrates An Obama Victory! Celebrations took place across the US, and the world as Democrat Barack Obama became the country’s first black president.

President Barack Obama will be a wonderful President!

Hatred is Such a Bad Thing!

More of the same from McCain supporters. This time from Pottsville, Pennsylvania. October 27, 2008.

This is awful, but those that would spew hate were drowned out by those who are willing to promote hope in our land!

We Are Still Excited About Senator Barack Obama!

We Are Still Excited About Senator Barack Obama! Senator Barack Obama’s campaign is rolling along at a great pace. We now have less than 30 days to the election, and one would have to admit that Senator Obama is in a great position to win. He is up in nearly every poll. However; the Republican Party with their Karl-Rove Like Tactics will probably unleash an arsenal that few have seen before! Black America, and others of every hue and belief system let’s elect Senator Barack Obama to the Presidency of this Nation , so we can once again witness constructive change in our land! We want you excited also, so we are including several great video clips provided by the Obama Campaign!

Obama/Biden 08! Do you want to trust the Republican Ticket with the Nuclear Codes when neither can pronounce the word nuclear? Go Barack Go!

The Democrats Are Fighting Back!

The Democrats Are Fighting Back! The resounding bounce that the Republican Ticket got from The Republican National Convention has been halted by the Democratic Presidential Ticket’s decision to fight back!

Obama/Biden 08!

Gospel Great Rev. Timothy Wright is in a Horrible Accident!

Gospel Great Rev. Timothy Wright is in a Horrible Accident! There are substantiated reports that Rev. Timothy Wright was involved in a horrible accident in Pennsylvania. The accident happened after Rev. Wright, and his family were heading home from the recent COGIC AIM Convention. This accident has claimed the life of his wife, and critically injured Rev. Timothy Wright, and a grandchild.

Please pray for the entire Wright Family, and the Grace Tabernacle Christian Center Church of God in Christ which Rev. Timothy Wright pastors!

There is breaking news that Pastor Wright may have pulled through surgery, and unfortunately his grandson did not! Pastor Wright is such a talent and let’s all remember that God is still a healer, and again earnestly pray for the Entire Wright Family!

Read Article About the Accident at Newsday.Com

New York Times Article on Accident

Cops Gone Wild!

Have the Philadelphia Police have gone wild? Who wouldn’t believe that by viewing the beating that is carried out by the Philadelphia Police in this clip? This had better stop soon or there could be a real backlash to these police beatings that are now happening so frequently around the nation! Isn’t it funny that the person being beat is usually black?

Despite Pennsylvania: Senator Barack Obama Will Maintain His Lead in Pledged Delegates!

Despite Pennsylvania Senator Barack Obama Will Maintain His Lead in Pledged Delegates! It’s Almost Over!