The Need to Start Black Businesses!

Dr. Claud Anderson elaborates on the need to created more businesses in the Black Community.


Condoleezza Rice Congratulates Barack Obama on Victory!

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says that as an African-American she is ‘especially proud’ that Democrat Barack Obama has been elected the first black U.S. President.

Black Voters React to Election 2008!

Black Voters React to Election 2008! In Los Angeles’ African-American enclaves the mood was buoyant and joyous that voters ushered the first black president elect in the nation’s history. The AP’s John Mone visited some of those neighborhoods.

This was a joyous occasion!

Governor David Patterson

Governor David Patterson of New York is both an African American, and he is legally blind. He joins Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts as the only African American Governors in The United States!

Mo Money Taxes

Mo Money Taxes is a rapidly growing African-American tax preparation company whose owners are native Memphians! They have some of the funniest commercials found anywhere! Watch out H&R Block!