The Democrats are Ready to Kick Off Their Convention!

The Democrats are Ready to Kick Off Their Convention!

Let’s Pray that the Supporters of Senator Hillary Clinton Will be Tame!

Senator John McCain’s Housing Blunder!

Bob Schieffer talks with leading Democrats about the significance of John McCain’s housing blunder. In an interview, McCain stumbled over answering how many houses he owns.

Let’s Keep Senator McCain in all of his homes! However; Let’s Keep Him Out of The White House!

Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones Dies!

Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones Dies! Democratic U.S. Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, the first black woman to represent Ohio in Congress and a strong critic of the Iraq war, died Wednesday after having a brain hemorrhage, a Cleveland Clinic official said.

We will most certainly be in prayer for her family!

Attention Democrats Obama is Taking Charge!

Attention Democrats Obama is Taking Charge!

Down Goes Hillary Clinton’s Campaign!

Down Goes Hillary Clinton’s Campaign! Will she finally concede?

Why are Republicans Helping Senator Hillary Clinton?

Why are Republicans Helping Senator Hillary Clinton? Could it be a tad bit more than strategy? Could it be racism that is motivating this sudden desire to assist one of the most hated opponents in Republican History?

Jesse Helms’ Strategist Says Clinton Helps Republicans!

Alex Castellanos, who was Jesse Helms’ strategist and ran infamous negative campaigns against Democrats,says Hillary Clinton is giving Republicans the permission to attack Obama in the general election.