Barack the Magic Negro?

Barack the Magic Negro? The first clip is a parody of the ridiculous song that Rush Limbaugh plays on his show. The second clip is of Limbaugh defending playing this song on his show. If some in the conservative wing of the Republican Party push trash like this, will they ever recover from the beating that they took this year from the Democratic Party?

Let’s pray that racist trash like this will eventually fade from the scene!

One Response

  1. For sure it is racist. . .it all about race.

    Is it a black man singing or somebody satirically imitating a black man? Every newsperson who is black and has made it in the media has shaken the black brogue so as to be understood by everyone. Through the perspective of the singer, Barack is well educated and speaks to be understood so in some way he is not really black. Oh, yea and his parents were of mixed race so he’s not TRULY black. It is only racists trying to disassociate themselves from blacks when they make the percentage of blackness important.

    This song is not so much about Barack as it is as about the negative conservative view of what “Blacks” are all about and a cynical view of whites who have come to appreciate a Black person’s intellect, mission, charisma, dedication, and ability to play well with others.

    The act of the Republican Party Chair is something I would expect from a Republican party wonk. If his stature in the party improves over this it will say more about the Republican Party than about the person who passed out the parody CDs.

    The song didn’t get enough attention in the election so Rush is playing it now because it didn’t get the attention he wanted it to in March. . .and Rush is all about getting attention for himself.

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