Is Sandra Rose Really a Hater?

Is Sandra Rose Really a Hater? Sandra Rose.Com is one of the most popular African American Blogs around. This blog never ceases to amaze with it’s snaring of the latest scoops! However; I am starting to wonder why she attacks so many other blacks on her blog. Is she just trying to stir up conversation and drive traffic to her blog, or Is Sandra Rose Really a Hater?

I regularly visit Sandra Rose’s Blog, and for the most part I enjoy it, but her consistent attacks on President-elect Obama has me baffled! Sister Rose if it’s all in getting you hustle on, I understand!However; I feel like you can get your hustle on without your consistent attacks on Black Leaders, Black Entertainers, Black Athletes, and Black Leadership!

You have the skills sister to soar to great heights! There is no need to bring others down in one’s trip to higher heights! Several others have expressed their disdain for some of Sandra Rose’s posts by uploading the video clips below. I will acknowledge that some of the clips are a tad bit mean spirited, and this lady didn’t deserve some of the things said about her. If we are truly to build a great Black Blogosphere, we have to stop some of these shenanigans! Let’s stop attacking each other!

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