Derrick Rose Will Be an All-Star as a Rookie!

Derrick Rose Will Be an All-Star as a Rookie! This guy will be an All-Star in year one!

This is a pretty bold statement, but we will stand by it!

6 Responses

  1. I doubt it Lebron wasn’t even an all-star his rookie year.

  2. We respectfully choose to disagree with you? Derrick Rose will get enough fan votes to make the All Star Team regardless of what Lebron did his first year!

  3. Indeed. I must concur. It looks like Derrick Rose will make the all-star team as a rookie. Not many people, let alone rookies, are putting up numbers like his in the east. He should be the second string point guard coming to Phoenix.

  4. Well I don’t know who’s going to be starting. But I doubt Rose wins the fan voting. And then theres Devin Harris and Jose Calderon who could be ahead of him. NBA coaches don’t like picking rookies for the all-star team.

  5. Well we guess that’s their problem! This guy will be there! Don’t hate on him, just celebrate him!

  6. after doing some research..i think the only person in front of him is harris per stats..calderon is turning out to be an elite level pg with 9.5 assits..but derrick rose is a million times more exciting..currently averging 19 and 6 as a rookie..those numbers will be back to that after tonights game im if you’re looking to sale more tickets..bring excitement to a’d better have derrick rose on that roster..because amongst the elite..he’ll show why his nickname is now..”unguardable”.

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