Did Ralph Nader Call Barack Obama an Uncle Tom?

Did Ralph Nader Call Barack Obama an Uncle Tom?

Mr. Nader, I don’t think that many blacks will take kindly to your calling President Obama an Uncle Tom!

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  1. Please don’t let this be an ‘on-going-thing’ regarding our 44th president, I didn’t vote for Obama, but he’s our President-Elect, so give him the respect he deserves.

  2. Jasmine we agree that many in America should unite around President Obama!

  3. Mr. Nader you don’t have permission to call a black man an Uncle Tom!

  4. Who do you think you are? That’s why you didn’t get nominated. Be proud, don’t hate!!!!

  5. Mr. Nader doesn’t have to have anyones permission to call anyone anything he chooses. Freedom of speech still is a right in this country. What he said was indeed stupid. But it’s his right to say it. By the way I didn’t vote for McCain because I didn’t want more of the same crap we’ve had for 8 years and I didn’t vote for Obama because of his inexperience with foreign diplomacy. Mark my words the soviet union will back us into a corner before the end of Obama’s first term. Enjoy. Between two bad choices I chose none of the above.

    Blogging Black.Com’s Response-We don’t agree with you, but we respect your right to have your own opinion. Obama will make a great President!

  6. Nader, you son of a bitch. While you do occasionally bring up good points to consider, this was by for the most irresponsible, ignorant, and foolish thing you have EVER said – there by negating everything you’ve ever said before it as credible. This man is the first African American to become our nation’s President in it’s history, and you have to soil it with your sour losing hate speech. You are now the Biggest asshole in the country. I regret ever even CONSIDERING you as a viable option. Congradulations on destroying your own legacy in One Sentance. You make me sick.

  7. Nader has an exemplary and outspoken record supporting blacks. The anchor was a bully; Nader stood up to him. Watch the interview in entirety; you will see that Nader didn’t call Mr. Obama Uncle Tom, but posed a question. Kiss my A, Fox . Congrats Obama.

    Blogging Black.Com’s Response

    It is never OK for a person of another race to call a black man an Uncle Tom!

  8. Nader wasn’t forced, my ass! He completely reiterated what he said, and tried to back it up, w/o trying to understand what he said was racist! How dare he make a reference to Uncle Tom, a term he used to defile the character of our PRESIDENT, HIS PRESIDENT?…sure, Nader can say what he wants, as guaranteed by our Constitution bla blah blah… but there comes a time where your mouth does more harm than your actions, as in this case…He is a bitter old fool, and honestly, I don’t care what his track record was before this moment…referring a black man to Uncle Tom in any connotation is RACIST!

  9. Ralph Nader should know if you want to grab the bull by the horns. It is best not to be standing with his back to the BULL.


  10. What Black America should be concerned about is the fact they gave him 99percent of their vote and what will the benefit. white presidents have taken care of America but neglected Black America. Just look at the economic conditions of Black America, the lack of wealth, the inability to accumulate and pass generational wealth — the reasons slavery, Jim crow, and continued racism are well known and documented. The fact a a half withe Kenyan was elected president does not mean very much unless we see real change in the conditions of the poor, the unemployed, and all who live below the poverty level.

  11. We will soon see a benefit! A Half White Kenyan? Can we not call him black? If he was pulled over for a ticket maybe 20 years back, would any have called him half white then? Your choice of wording was poor at best, but I am requesting that you will reserve passing judgment until later!

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