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  1. This stuff has been sitting on my mind for the longest. And something just didn’t add up. I don’t know what Jamal’s background is, but I think his math is off. (However, I could be wrong).

    Our stimulus package the government gave a few years ago was about 150 billion, and taxpayers got anywhere between $600 and $1200. Now, Jamal is talking about less money–$85 billion—and giving it to taxpayers.

    He says that 200 million Americans are tax payers. Thus, the equation is as follows: $85,000,000,000/200,000,000 = $425. He’s stating that we should all get a check for $425,000 when in fact, it is much smaller.

    Now, if you do a simple reversal of equations, $425,000 x 200,000,000 = $85,000,000,000,000. For those who get a little unnerved by all the zeros, as I can be, that translates into $85 trillion.

    Thus, Jamal does a good job of firing up his pupils, and all those who watch it on Youtube, but either he or I cannot add. I need accountants and good math students to correct me or justify me.

  2. my brother befor you judge look in the mirror and see. How many mistakes you made and.And you tell God thank you for him forgiving you for you error. Now peace be still Jamal is a excelent speaker and he save alot of lives by.Speaking the truth without being scared to reedeem lost sheeps

  3. In my sight Dr. Jamal Bryant doesnt have to be right on the math but he made a point. His point should have been brought to the tablle.

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