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  1. Keith,have you notice county first McCann doesn’t wear a flag on his suit or on anything else. Strange. Very good show,thanks. SCOTT

  2. Keith,
    I love your show first of all. I want to tell you because I think you have the courage to say it out loud. I can’t believe the way McCain/Palin are inciting almost riot-like activity at their rallies!! This has got to stop. I can’t believe that they are this desperate, (well, yes I can) but to go to these extremes is insideous and unAmerican. What they are doing is criminal and I’m ashamed that this particular rally was here in my state of Pennsylvania. They actually keep it going, trying to get the audience in up roar. It is totally dangerous. It is sickening! Are these really the two people America would want in the top office?!? Please stop the madness!! I don’t think either of them has said one thing relating to an election in the last three weeks. I’d like to say also, that if, God forbid, McCain does get in the White House, he better sleep with one open, because that woman wants HIS job, not VP.
    Keep up the good work!

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