We Are Still Excited About Senator Barack Obama!

We Are Still Excited About Senator Barack Obama! Senator Barack Obama’s campaign is rolling along at a great pace. We now have less than 30 days to the election, and one would have to admit that Senator Obama is in a great position to win. He is up in nearly every poll. However; the Republican Party with their Karl-Rove Like Tactics will probably unleash an arsenal that few have seen before! Black America, and others of every hue and belief system let’s elect Senator Barack Obama to the Presidency of this Nation , so we can once again witness constructive change in our land! We want you excited also, so we are including several great video clips provided by the Obama Campaign!

Obama/Biden 08! Do you want to trust the Republican Ticket with the Nuclear Codes when neither can pronounce the word nuclear? Go Barack Go!

2 Responses

  1. Cnn & Msnbc, were yelled at by the obama camp on
    They are not allowed to report Rezko & Ayers,,

    Only fox will report on it, Barack obama called and said, if you report on these issues he can lose the election,

    Palin is not Lying about barack obama,
    Just MSM refuse to report obama and Ayers, & Rezko CNN & Msnbc refuse to, report any negative issues about Obama, Both CNN and MSNBC , or on the obama campaign, just like Kieth Oberman & chris mathews

  2. Paul IV do you actually think that we listen to Fox News? Paul we are going to overlook your obvious bias towards Senator Obama!

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