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  1. By all means, let her open her big mouth. She is an airhead anyway so the more people that get to see what an idiot she is, the better. This woman has only one thing in common with Hillary Clinton; they both have vaginas. Sarah Palin is a money grabbing, opportunistic harpy. The Republicans should have known better than to pick someone so frighteningly unqualified to be anything more than a dog catcher. She is selfish for leaving her newborn at home to be raised by someone else and putting herself out there as a beauty queen. She loves all the attention and the papparazzi but she doesn’t begin to understand what it means to America to have her on a political ticket of this importance. She is bad, in every way possible.

  2. While I agree with some of your positions, I don’t agree with the comment that you used describing Governor Palin and Hillary Clinton. Let’s keep it clean please!

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