Are You Willing to Take the McCain Gamble?

Are You Willing to Take the McCain Gamble? The game is rigged! No matter how you spin it McCain is just more of the same.

Those of us who who are middle class can’t afford to take the McCain Gamble! Obama/Biden 08!

4 Responses

  1. The question should be are you ready to take the obama gamble, in these most perilous times when Islamic Fascist seek to destroy or convert us all. I am amazed how people are be bamboozled buy this corrupt unproven politician from Chicago.

  2. Why are so many bamboozled by an inexperienced Governor from Alaska? Why are so many bamboozled by an out of touch Senator from Arizona? As for corruption, need we look any further than many in the Republican Party? If we answer those questions are cee, then just maybe I will answer yours!

  3. I can’t believe you played the experience card. How can you compare a Governor to a one term Senator in which half of his experience has been on the campaign trail? This guy obama is an empty suit when has he ever challenge or voted against his own party. He is bought and paid for by the DNC. As corruption that sword cuts both ways, look at Rangel head of the committee that writes tax law, but he is too incompetent to keep his own books in order.

  4. Governor of what? The Polar Bears? There are almost as many people in Memphis,Tennessee as there are people in Alaska! Yes that one term Senator has more life experience, education, and intelligence than the Governor you would love to rave about! As for empty suits, and corruption need we look any further than the Republican Party? Do you remember the Weapons of Mass Destruction? How’s that “W” working for you now? Not that good is it?

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