Elisabeth Hasselbeck Slams Michelle Obama!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck revealing off-camera discussions between Michelle Obama and The View hosts.

This was a cheap shot! She will feel like mud when Michelle Obama moves into The White House!

2 Responses

  1. I completely agree. She talks about having integrity all the time – did she lose hers at the RNC? Who would want to come on the show now and potentially have their backstage business aired? Elizabeth compromised the integrity of the VIew. I hope Barbara lets her go.

  2. I’ve always thought that Elisawhogivesaheck should never have been on the panel with the hosts of “The View” because she is just too darn dumb. She is a mindless balded rat face whinny nothing that brings absolutely nothing concrete to the show. I doubt that she even realizes how stupid she sounds each time she opens her mouth. For that reason only I stopped watching the view. It would be more interesting to watch a flock of pigeons poop on her wig that covers the three, yes three not two, strands of stringy hair on her head. I bet you can pull a hanky through both ears and never touch her brain. Those poor ugly kids of hers and that poor schmuck slob of a husband! Almost feel sorry for them.

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