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  1. Did someone pay you to do this because you can go to jail for lying, or they might kill you for that.

  2. Lying is not a crime… although maybe it should be. Nobody is going to jail for lying. And if our lives were in question upon lying, that threat might extinguish the human race. Freedom of speech… If this is true, it would be a pretty bad look for the Mcain camp. Doesn’t look like he did much research in choosing his running mate. Wonder if he would do much research when making decisions for an entire Nation…??? Just one of those things that make you go…. hmmmm….

  3. Bristol is supposedly 5 months pregnant. If this young man went up to Alaska for the summer. Bristol would have already been pregnant. Can he count?

  4. Kevin’s body language, the way he sounds, the choice of words, his mannerism, I am leaning to believe him. But if he is lying then he’ll have hell to pay, there are some good liars out there ! you know.


  5. I cannot imagine this young man blantantly lying. I commend this young man for speaking up and speaking out.

    Let’s not try to paint Bristol as an angel, she is 17 and PREGNANT. If Bristol is 5 months pregnant and there is truth to a relationship with this young man… well… so much for fidelity and innocence.

    Nevertheless, to quiet this matter a praternity test can settle all claims. Once the baby is delivered and begins to mature… the WORLD will likely know the child’s ethnicty.

  6. well we can’t know who the father is yet.if Bristol had sex with both guys then we need a paternity test. If she was having sex with this young man she sure was having sex with her boyfriend. This is interesting…

  7. I think the problem lay in the same core group who are voting for McCain because they are scared of having a African American as president. If this guy is the father, then good for him.. be a good father, and start a web site for a court fund because if they are elected you’ll never see you child.

  8. One can only hope that he is the father-it will just show once again that the Republicans continue to do cover up-guess one will one have to wait until that baby comes !!!! The main thing is all that really matters is that the baby is born healthy and that he/she knows who the real parents are-but just make one thing clear “Everywhere else they call it young kids experimenting dangerously but in Alaska it is called abstinence”

  9. If Bristol was sleeping with you and Levi, there is no way to tell who the father is until a paternity test. Unfortunatley they will never agree to test you. Your only hope is that the baby is born black.

  10. the sad thang about this is simple: every white girl in the world is stricken with jungle fever it seems, and throwing the punanai at ev’r rapper wanna be out there. and then the parents get angry, and try to put a clamp on it.

    it would be a shame if it isnt his, but he is stepping up to say i want to be an active father in my child’s life. we should be commending him instead of condemning him. what ever happened to that?

    and you know i hate to say that the commercials “GIRLS GONE WILD”?!!! nothing but slutty trailer park tramps proud of their whoredom!! rofl

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