Did Sarah Palin Attack Community Organizers?

Did Sarah Palin Attack Community Organizers? During The Big Palin Speech she attacks Community Organizers and restates her Lie’s about her bridge to nowhere that she says she didn’t want, but the facts are she did want the money and hired lobbyists to get money and pull from Washington.

Obama/Biden 08! Get Ready Sarah Palin Fans It’s On!

6 Responses

  1. Palin’s entire “Paula Poundstone” act was very underwhelming. But the knock on “community organizers” reveals the complete lack of judgment she has, as a human and a potential executive. The distortions that her supporters have to make to turn that statement around will make them look twisted indeed.

  2. She said her job was “like being a community organizer” except for the “responsibility”. A community organizer does what? Organizes people (Duh). The organizer doesn’t bear any responsibility for the results of what those people do while a mayor and governor is judged by the results. The difference is chain of command. When the mayor gives an order and you work for her you do it and if it’s wrong she takes the blame. If a community organizer asks you to do something it’s up to your own discretion whether or not it is the right thing to do. So her statement is technically true. It was clearly aimed at Obama’s attack against her “experience” as a small town mayor. The problem is that people are taking it out of context and twisting it to fit their own political agendas. I think most people realize this and there will be a backlash against those trying to condemn her for this comment.

  3. We are glad you are insulted! There will be no backlash! We will see the Republicans defeated!

  4. You were insulted? Sarah Palin didn’t insult community organizers. She simply stated that they aren’t qualified to be President. She could have said, “a hamburger flipper”. Does that insult hamburger flippers? Nope. It’s a comparison. God, sometimes people are so stupid.

  5. Virginia Voice your comments wreaked of both stupidity and racism! Go on your way!

  6. The McCain campaign, which now includes Sarah Palin, is running it’s campaign on lies and on instilling fear. They have no platform to run on so they are just putting out talking points for people, such as VirginiaVoice, to ingest and repeat by rote.

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