This Made Me Sick to My Stomach!

HRC Delegate Anne Price-Mills reacts afer Hillary Clinton’s DNC speech.

You Can Always Find One of Us to Cut a Shine! I Can’t Believe This! Some of our people will climb the tallest mountains to get the approval of mainstream society!

4 Responses

  1. Sounds like she has issues with the men in her life. IMO that’s the likely reason why Democrats for Clinton don’t want to vote Obama. And that jazz about note voting…”if you don’t vote, you can’t complain.”

  2. Thanks Brother Gunn!

  3. Anne Price-Mills is obviously mentally unstable.I love my sisters but I am so tired of them acting white and thinking in terms of furthering the white male agenda.They fit in very well with corporate America but these type of sisters have very little to do with helping Black Amercica (including our children) make real change and progress.

  4. Brother Darcell you hit hard on your comment. I want to love all of our people period, but this performance was ridiculous! She needs to spend some time pondering over this performance. I would be ashamed to face people in the short term until they forgot this performance!

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