Let’s Put the Spotlight on Cindy McCain!

Let’s Put the Spotlight on Cindy McCain! The guys at The Young Turks.Com are at it again. They put the spotlight on Cindy McCain!

If Michelle Obama Said Any of These Things, The Media and the Conservatives Would Be Try to Destroy Her Reputation Forever!

One Response

  1. What about the letter going around the Internet that Cindy McCain “took over” her father’s brewery, and, as CEO, brought the company to it’s multi-million dollar earnings? She, alone was responsible for its “success?”

    Are you familiar with Amendment 2165 of HR3058 in 2005 sponsored by Sen. Coburn of OK where Sen. Biden and Sen. Obama supposedly voted for the “bridge to nowhere” instead of diverting the money to Hurrican Katrina victims?

    This is more of the stuff moving around from the right wing.

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