Can You Believe This Racist High School Yearbook?

Can You Believe This Racist High School Yearbook? Administrators at Charter Oak High School in Covina,California are investigating how a student on the yearbook staff was able to get fake names for Black Student Union members, including “Tay Tay Shaniqua,” “Crisphy Nanos” and “Laquan White,” into the published yearbook. It seems like racism is starting at earlier ages doesn’t it?

One Response

  1. Here’s a couple of facts on this story:

    The student that wrote the names was Filipino

    The yearbooks were distributed a week before the seniors left. The problem wasn’t discovered until two days before the seniors left. As most seniors leave during their last week a full recall was impossible.

    The Principal and Assistant Principal are in no way racist. If you knew their backgrounds, this would be evident.

    The teacher is back in the classroom. She is going to finish the yearbook as a measure of redemption. She is being closely watched.

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