Watch This Video of Helpless Lady Dying on Hospital Floor!

Watch This Video of Lady Dying on Hospital Floor! Lady Dies on Kings County Hospital Floor! A 49 year-old woman died on the psychiatric emergency room floor at Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, NY. The woman was on the floor for almost an hour before hospital staff tended to her. The cause of her death is unknown. This is ridiculous and should never happen anywhere in our nation!

2 Responses

  1. This is absolutely horrific!!!

  2. This really upsets me because you see people with mental illnesses getting overlooked or neglected all of the time.If they say something no one believes them because they are what they say “not stable”.My mom had a mental illness and when she went to a psychiatric hospital they had her so drugged up that she became inconenent. They need to be not only suspended but charged with a crime.

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