Is Barack Obama a Good House Negro?

Is Barack Obama a Good House Negro? The Honorable James David Manning says that Barack Obama would make a good White House Negro in the first video below. The following video below is by a brother named Infamous Chris who refutes the ridiculous rantings of Rev. Manning. Rev. Manning, we are sincerely praying that you have a change of heart. Our people can ill afford people that will spew division among us at such a critical time as this! Props out to Infamous Chris! It’s nice to hear a well spoken brother speaking Truth to Power!

8 Responses

  1. Young man I congratulate you on this…. I am so upset with David Manning (no he is not a pastor or honorable pastor).

    You are so true about what you said… I am appalled. I am shocked! I am so upset with D Mannning.

    There was an incident in my town (Harlem NYC). I don’t know it from word to word… However, one parent told me this.. During her child’s graduation at Atlah World Ministries, David Manning, told the parents, “Those children (pre-K), who failed or didn’t succeed, are not going anywhere. He called single parents (female parents), hoes and bitches. Where is the father?? “We need these whores Stop raising kids without the father”.

    I am looking for this report now on the internet. Of course, the parent is not sending her daughter back… He needs to stop degrading black men and women.

    Thank you so much for you video, Young Man!!

  2. “Infamous Chris” needs to listen more carefully to Rev. Manning’s speech. True he said not to trust black men that have not been in jail, and he listed off the names of several prominent black LEADERS who spent time in jail – Martin Luther King, Jesse Jackson, Malcom X. But the list didn’t end there. He also mentioned the names Jesus, John the Baptist, and Paul. These LEADERS also were persecuted and spent time in jail. He was referring to people who were jailed for their beliefs – not for criminal actions as partrayed and glorified in Rap music.

  3. While that may be true, Rev. Manning is not looking out for our people as a whole, he is looking to carve out a niche for himself!

  4. As a Black man I must say, Manning is the BOMB. Finally a man who is not afraid to tell the truth. Listen to his heart my negro’s, Obama is NOT the answer!

  5. Chuck if you really are a black man which I doubt, you are a disappointment!

  6. Manning needs to go away. He is nuts.

  7. He is also an opportunist!

  8. I didn’t listen to all of Mannings ramblings. I don’t like it when someone yells at me to make a point. I do thank you for speaking up. There’s always some radical trying to make a point. I’m not sure what the point is that Manning is trying to make.

    What’s that saying from the bible,…. he who has not sinned cast the first stone!

    I don’t think Manning should be throwing any stones.

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