Watch the Lady Who Called Senator Barack Obama an Inadequate Black Male!

Watch Harriet Christian who Called Senator Barack Obama an Inadequate Black Male! She is vehemently defending Senator Hillary Clinton, despite the many vicious comments made by Senator Hillary Clinton during the campaign! She says that 99% of blacks who are voting for Senator Obama are doing so because he’s black, and she says she is not a racist. What a character!

One Response

  1. She is typical of the bitter and vindictive female Hillary supporters who, for purely selfish reasons, are attempting to destroy any chance the true democratic nominee has of winning the white house. The truth is, these women embody all of the worst stereotypes of women, shrill, shrewish, overy emotional and irrational-the very stereotypes they purportedy railed and marched against during the height of the feminist movement. They are voting for MCcain, certainly not because they have been converted to his views, but out of spite-hoping , if he wins, the next four years will continue to spiral even further downward, so that in 2012 their candidate HIllary will be in position to try again. These women are willing to sacrafice more lives in an unnnessary war, willing to allow the continued suffering of millions of Americans caught in a system which denies healthcare, education and social services, just so they can `get back at’ Obama and possibly ressurect Hillary’s chances.

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