The Obama Generation!

Senator Barack Obama and many of his political contemporaries represent what many see as a new type of black politician. I am glad I am part of The Obama Gneration!

6 Responses

  1. If you think that Hillary Clinton is disinfranchised, then you’ve got another thought coming. Hillary Clinton has not lost, and she actually won being the first female to run for president in the first place. Hillary Clinton has made history in this process. She has become a part of the solution and being a 28 year old African American, I respect her efforts during her campaign. It is not an issue to be concerned about unless people like Mr. McCain make an issue out of it. If he wants to make an issue then we can make an issue as well as a million other issues that are more relevant to our future as Americans..,


    Furthermore, I have been arguing with my parents as well as some other citizens about the best running mate for Obama. In my personal opinion, the Vice President should be Mrs. Clinton. If not her then it should be Mr. McCain. They argue saying that it’s impossible for a republican to run with a democrat. I disagree because considering the fact that the USA is about to witness the most change in history having a black president. It would only be fair to compromise and place Mr.McCain as VP for the simple fact that it just doesn’t make sense to do that. Sometimes opposites do indeed attract. If a republican and democrat were running the white house, these two political parties would have to compromise and come to a happy medium in the best interests of Americans. What more can I say. Let’s just think outsid the box for a minute.
    All I’m asking from the world, specially those who don’t want Mr. Obama in office to please keep an open mind and not stir up hate and envy because of this historical moment. Please do not assassinate our new president. Give him a chance to show and prove…For the love of God, let’s please change our old ways. I’m sick and tired of racism because it has hindered me and our families for so long. Give US a chance. Give the United States of America a chance and give God more of a reason to bless us in our personal and familiy lives…We need this! I need this! I want to be somebody and make a difference. I want change! I want life, truth, justice, and freedom for all. Not to mention love and peace of mind. Peace of mind so when you see me in the streets, you yell out peace and throw up a peace sign…Everything you heard before was all lies and hate intended to keep us divided as a nation…



  2. Barac Obama is Aribic-American. He is only 6.25% black so does that make him a black man?

  3. Excuse me, his black genes are strongest, if you mix anything with black it is black! Study up on recessive genes!

  4. We are strongly against Senator Clinton becoming Obama’s VP!

  5. Well you should know that some Arabics are dark skinned as well. They also have curly hair. Does that make them black? You are what your parents are and nothing more or less. How you look may be genetics but you are still what your parents are.

  6. Having viewed this through a descendant NON-ANGLO EUROPEAN mind of which has bore witness to a world of change. Can WE the AMERICAN PEOPLE in this “2008 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION” now through recognition of the PROTAGONIST DREAM become a RAINBOW of AMERICANS? Can one whose ANCESTRY is rooted over the DIVIDE accept HIS role as an “AMERICAN” candidate for change?

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