Father Michael Pfleger Suspended for Clinton Comments! Dr. Boyce Watkins Speaks Out on his Suspension!

Priest Suspended for Clinton Comments! Dr. Boyce Watkins Speaks Out on his Suspension! The head of the Chicago Archdiocese has asked a priest to take two weeks off after the priest mocked Senator Hillary Clinton in a guest sermon at another church. Father Michael Pfleger was suspended for his remarks at Trinity United Church of Christ! Dr. Boyce Watkins comments in the second video on Father Michael Pfleger and his legacy!

2 Responses

  1. Father Pfleger needs to be removed permanently. He has desecrated the catholic church that was entrusted to him. He thumbs his nose at the Archbishop and runs his own religion out of the church. He preaches Marxist, Black Theology, he allows false prophet, hate mongers such as Farrahkan to spew his hate from the pulpit. And he works for and endorses a candidate who supports LIVE BIRTH ABORTIONS. (Obama) Why has he been allowed to do this for all these years ? That is what we are asking the Vatican and the ArchBishop over Chicago. It is a disgrace.

  2. Why would he need to be removed permanently? Did you have the same feelings about the priests that molested their church members? HMMMMM…………….!

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