The Real Michelle Obama Questions?

The media is making a big issue about the large amount of white female support that Senator Hillary Clinton has garnered. Could Senator Clinton’s rock solid support among so many white females be bolstered by their fears of a black woman becoming the First Lady of this nation? Would these women want their husbands, and their children to look up to Michelle Obama as this nation’s First Lady? Would they want their sons to long to marry someone that looks like Michelle Obama? Would the elevation of Michelle Obama affect the psyches of soccer moms across America?

Would the thought of Michelle Obama eating, cooking, and waking up in The White House be so repulsive that these women would vote for anyone, but Senator Obama? Would Michelle Obama’s presence in the White House cause society to redefine it’s standards of beauty, style and grace? Would the status of black women be elevated in the eyes of white men? Would black women be looked upon as more than video chicks? Would little white girls start to mirror the styles of Michelle Obama? Would there be a fear that their husbands would look upon a black woman with admiration and respect? Inquiring Minds want to know!

3 Responses

  1. Your comments and conclusions are absolutely breathtaking.

    Who cares who first lady is in this equation, ESPECIALLY in the camp of Hillary supporters?
    Been there, done that. Got a GREAT Healthcare proposal trashed for her trouble, thanks very much.

    Wake up. the female robots you speak of are the ones who vote as their HUSBANDS vote.

    There is the seat of your prejudice, not among the women. Stop bashing your own. It is black women who won’t let the “I’m going to be a Princess” fantasy go who are deluded. This includes the fantasy of having male arm candy with a high powered job to support you, as no doubt you think Michelle is supported. Black women are wistully voting for this personal fantasy, not the platform Obama proposes (so far all I see is a continuation of NCLB and negotiating with Iran).

    I know MANY blacks, female and male, and this is a rampant and deep-seated black female desire, especially among the black bourgeoisie; just watch your counterparts on Bridezilla shows. I don’t know where it comes from and normally don’t care, but don’t think we haven’t seen Michelle roll her eyes when people are drooling over Obama – SHE knows the truth! She herself has made comments about what a fat-head and slob he really is.

    But hey, – you need your fantasy, have at it, just don’t make me live with it running the country for 4 years. I barely made it through the last 8 years of Republican atrocities

  2. Your response qualifies as the most rambling response we have ever had! I would respond powerfully to your comments if I only knew what to respond to!

  3. I am glad to have taken your breath away!

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