Derrick Rose is Turning Pro!

Derrick Rose is Turning Pro! After his awesome freshman season, and after his efforts in taking The University of Memphis to the brink of a NCAA Title he is now off to earn his NBA Fortune! He is projected to be picked within the first 2 picks in the upcoming NBA Draft! His pending endorsement contracts will probably blow our minds! There has been somewhat of a backlash from readers of the local Memphis Newspaper who felt like Derrick Rose was not wise to leave college at this time, which led me to express the following thoughts below!

Aren’t we sometimes a tad bit racist? Why are college basketball players (Mostly African American) that turn professional so stupid? If one is a lock to be in the first 2 picks of the NBA Draft, why are we talking about his getting a degree? Derrick Rose is only 19, he has time to go back to school and get his degree!

Let’s see Derrick Rose will earn from 3.6 to 5 Million a season guaranteed for the next 4 years( Not Counting the Massive Endorsements that he Will Receive) and he’s stupid to take this opportunity?

Why are golfers, baseball players,tennis players (Who are Mostly White) all allowed to be pros as (young) teenagers and no one says a thing?

This kid is likely to make $10 to 15 Million a Year for the next few years, tell me where he can get a college degree that pays this well, and I will personally find and tell Derrick Rose to stay! Some of the responses about the stupidity of his turning pro are selfish and are definitely not in Derrick Rose’s best interests!

African Americans are Dominating the NBA and The Basketball World!

African Americans are Dominating the NBA and The Basketball World! Despite the recent rush and rash of foreign players in the NBA, can anyone deny that the top players in the NBA and the Basketball World are African Americans?