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  1. I think it’s a sad state of affairs that Obama’s empty rhetoric–the classic fallacy called “glittering generalities”–is impressing so many people. I get the impression they don’t know or care what he’ll do. People like you just like his style. You imagine he’ll do what you would want done, even though he never says what exactly he’ll do as President and, when he is specific, is a standard-issue liberal in the mold of Carter or Mondale. He and his rhetoric seems serious, even though an educated person can see it’s empty.

  2. Mr. Roach, people like me will welcome the Presidency of Barck Obama. We have been promised a bill of goods over and over from President after President, who have been of other hues. Let us try the brother out and give him a chance to deliver on some of the promises that none of the previous presidents of different hues have delivered on! Remember that liberals have not got us in the mess that you conservatives have gotten us in over the last 8 years! Run Barack Run!

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