The Divorce Case of Pastor Jamal Bryant!

The Baltimore Sun had a lot to say about the pending divorce case of Pastor Jamal Bryant! The Topix Network for Baltimore has even more to say! How about 2,900+ Comments to say about it. Is this the top news story in Baltimore?

The Baltimore Sun’s Article on the Divorce Case of Pastor Jamal Bryant

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  1. It is a sad state of affairs when pastors fall or is it. The word tells us to keep our eyes on him. Pastors are human to and need to be prayed for more because of the positions they hold. I am not saying the Rev. Jamal Bryant was right in what is did because he messed up, and who of us has not messed up. Remember this is the same preacher that has lead so many to Christ, the same preacher that was up nights ministering to people when others were sleeping. “He without sin cast the first stone.” As pastors we are in the position of leadship and must walk in a way that does not allow others to fall. That is a task that at times is difficult, but not impossible. It becomes difficult when people are treating you like a god and not a person being used by God. Church members lift pastors up, and at time glorifies the position of pastor, this is a major problem and mistake. Pastors are just humans being used by God glorify him, and to minister to his people, Remember Jesus Christ used donkey and, if he has use of a donkey can he not e use of a human made in his image. Those that are putting down this man called by God to carry out his mission, must be careful. I am praying for the family and Jamal most of all , because they need the strength of Godly people praying not gossiping. I am asking that all that read this and know the true read pray for those in positions of leadship; that they will walk in the ways of the Lord, remain humble, and willing to stand up as Jamal did and confess his sin (mistake) and continue to allow God to use him. We all have fallen short of God’ s glory.

    • i do think that you are right and even now a year later i pray for him and his wife because the have a family and i know she is so hurt her husband a man of God somebody she looked up to dothe right thing. just like david he still had to answer for that sin

    • Amen…I will also continue to pray for Pastor Bryant and his family. For we have all fallen short. Thank God for His mercy and grace. It’s all under the Blood!

    • Amen! we need 2 take our eyes off christians, and leave them on Christ! We will never go wrong when we do this

  2. Dont judge a mans life where u have not walked. Dont hold someone to shame when u can not even hold his anointing. If you can say that one mistake can wipe us away from the blood then you dont know christ and the depths of his love and mercey! Keep Preaching Jamal!!!

    • I agree, your post is right on!!!! Jamal Bryant has a powerful annointing, people shoudn’t be to quick to judge one for a mistake , God forgives, right on to Jamal Bryant, he should keep walking in his calling for the Lord!!!! The man is powerful in his preaching!!!!
      Keep holding your head up Jamal, God is with you !!!!

  3. christians are human too! Sometimes when it comes to marriage it can be a joy or a pain for ever gone are the days when you made your bed and had to lay in it. Sometimes the church needs to say no! There are some things that need to die a natural death and sometimes marrige is one of them. You must remeber that there was Divorce in the 1st century isn’t it good toknow that God understands even when man does not. We are still free agents. Sometimes we just need to pray, be supportive, and not pass judgement! If you do feel judegmental just ask yourself this question: “Whats going on in your marriage”?

  4. God bless this man of God who acknowledges his short comings. I’m proud to be a Black man who sees a God man proclaim the word of God as a human. Yet, is doesn’t give excuse to continue is our shortcomings. Such was some of us. So let us be careful lest we trip, stumble and fall. Bless Pastor Jamal.

  5. I’m just wondering when we are going to get real! God desires a people who seek to be holy because He is holy. All this crap that we call “human behaviour” is just an excuse so that we don’t feel convicted for doing wrong! Sin is sin and if we don’t work at keeping sinful behaviour out of our lives God will EXPOSE us for who we really are and what we are really doing! If these men of God would just humble themselves before a Holy God and be real, we wouldn’t have this kind of behaviour brought public. It makes me ashamed to called “Christian”. Thankfully I go by the walk of Jesus Christ himself and don’t look to these men for examples. I wonder how many of us would excuse this behaviour if it were happening to us or to someone in our immediate family. I know it’s happened to me, former “First Lady”, and I’m done excusing these “anointed men of God”!

  6. One of my pastor’s use to say, when you put man on a petal stool, he is being lifted up to fall. I think we as christions need to quit putting these men and women of God up high and treating them if they were Gods and not humans whom God has sent. When something like this happens forst and fore most we begin to judge, but who are judging us. A lot of times that is why people don’t want to get totally involved in church, they just like to go and get the word that God has for them and come out, because they don’t want to know all of the mess that goes on. God sends us a word through the minister and if we start to take them down by fault we want have any. If this minister has blessed you by way of the word, pray for hom and keep going. If his mistakes bother you them don’t listen to him. He teaching has been a blessing to me, so I am going to pray for him and keep going.Sometimes you really want to point the finger, because of things that has happen in your own life, but if you pray about it, in due time God will it where it won’t bother you as much. Trust me I’ve been there.

  7. My typing is so bad, but I hope you get the message.

  8. I heard Jamal Bryant speak at our church and was impressed. Now, I think he just pimped our congregation just as he does with many others. I know all of the stuff about none of us are without sin, but as a man of God, he should be able to withstand more fleshly temptations than the typical unchurched individual on the street; he is acting just like them, extramarital affairs, out of wedlock babies, and more. At our church he said that he didn’t care what any of the blogs said about him. He has made that abundantly obvious. Shame on you, Jamal Bryant.

  9. Before we pass judgement,we must consider ourselfs.
    because if the truth be told,we all have come short of
    the glory of god.The only thing about us whe are not in
    the “public eye”.So to all my christian people,pray for
    jamal his wife the(KIDS)and there familys strength,doing
    this trying and sad time.GOD BLESS!!

  10. What happened? I’m confused of why Jamal is not on tv anymore. Can someone share with me what happened?

  11. All i have to say to those who have made a comment and those that are about to make one. The Lord states “TOUCH NOT MY ANOINTING AND DO MY PROPHETS NO HARM’

  12. cont.It seems that people(mainly christains) are so caught up in the man. It is not the man that you should be captivated by. It is the word of God and who are we to judge and say negative things about this Man of GOD. I fear God to much to insult his anointing. Pastor Jamal, we fall down but we get up and I pray that God will raise you up to another level in anointing. I do not know what happen and do not care about that. All i know that i have been in some low points in my life and God used you to reach me and deliver me from a depressed sucidal state. I thank God for the anointing that he has given you. Please keep on keeping on. Remember that all have fallen short of his glory and ye without sin please cast the first stone. and to the first Lady who has been through this please do not allow what you have been through bring about a curse on your life because if God chose him then you allow God to be God and forgive as God forgives. I expect you to know that his word says rebuke not an elder. Please be mindful of what you say. STOP LOOKING AND CONNECTING TO THE HUMAN AND PUT YOUR FAITH AND CONNECT TO GOD!!! PASTOR JAMAL HOLD YOUR HEAD UP HIGH BECAUSE I NEED THE ANOINTING THAT GOD HAS GIVEN YOU TO HELP ME IN MY DAILY WALK.

  13. My wife and I were members of Empowerment Temple for 4 1/2 years and let me tell you, the foolishness has been going on from the beginning. My wife and I were not truly saved when we joined so we accepted everything that went on because IT WAS THE PLACE TO BE IN BALTIMORE. Once we both got saved and came to the knowledge of Christ, we had to leave. I could give numerous examples of ungodly activities at the church( r&b singer Carl Thomas and his half naked background singers performed at the 2005 Watch Night Service, hip hop icon Dougie Fresh also did a perfomance at the church in which they moved the pulpit and put turntables in its place,etc…) My wife’s co-worker has a child by Jamal and had to take him to court to receive support. Jamal sent someone in his place to take the DNA test. This is a fact. The young woman receives a check from Empowerment Temple every month(please note that Jamal lied to the court and stated that he only made $30,000/year). This man is very arrogant but the AME church will not sit him down because he brings in too much money. So whoa to the leadership of the AME church that will risk the souls of so many YOUNG people for the sake of money and recognition. When is enough truly enough. How many babies must a man have out of wedlock before the Body if Christ says sit down and seek Godly counsel. If you cannot control your flesh, you should not stand before God’s people and proclaim to be God’s mouthpiece. Jamal is a man but the difference lies in the fact that he took on the office of pastor and is responsible for every soul under his leadership. So therefore, Jamal is held to higher moral standard than the average man because he stands behind the sacred desk. We have so many shepherds that are not tending to the sheep and subsequently, people’s lives are destroyed. Many persons have oratory skills but your lifestyle outside the church is actually a greater witness than your sermon. Pray for Jamal but at some point, Jamal needs to repent and ask the Lord for power to deny his fleshly desires. The Bible calls for Holiness.

    • Amen I remember attending one of his services where a “prophet” was supposed to be foretelling that Jamal would get so large that he would be untouchable and the people were shouting and passing out that’s what has happened he got to a point where he truly believed he was untouble. We are supposed to be “Christians” meaning to follow Christ when was he untouchable didn’the go out to reach the people

    • I am glad somone wants to speak the truth!!! wether it be good or bad, deliverance is needed and those officials should as well repeant openly for their bad judgement of character, well said

  14. I pray that much of this is not true! Please pray for this brother because whether these allegations are true or not he definitely needs our prayers!

  15. I’m very confuse with this he’s a man of God and not God; why do people keep forgetting that and move on.,Read your bible and have the faith in what God speaking and over the sins of the world.

  16. I recently moved to the Baltimore area. I knew when I came that I would attend
    Empowerment Temple. I have sat and prayed and listened to the leading of’
    the Holy Spirit concerning my being a member of this church. I am now a member. I am not a member because of Jamal Bryant, I am a member because of the leading of the Holy Spirit. So many people go to church to
    say they a part of a particular congregation. I go according to the leading of
    the one who leads me every day. I was told about this site months ago. I refused to read it. I told my husband of 7 months that instead of us reading
    and listening to the bad news. We should pray for some good news. On this’
    past Sunday I sat just rows back when First Lady Jamal Bryant and her 3 small
    daughters entered the church on Father’s Day. I praised God for the answer to my and many others prayers. God does not condone any type of unfaitfulness, be it with another person, hiding and hoarding material things,
    having lunch at work with a co-worker whom you know is trying to get a little
    closer but wants nothing to do with your spouse etc…… God even in his soveriegnty allows consequence for all sinful behavior. Judge Not lest you be
    Judge, Pray, Edify, and Encourage your sister or brother in Christ. No matter
    what their position is. Where you might not have done this! You have definately
    done something. If not somebody is lieng. The word says we have all sinned
    and come short of the Glory of God. This includes you. churchs are often likened to hospitals. When have you seen anybody go to a hospital with everything perfect and in good working condition. One other thing. If you can
    take this much time to speak so negatively about someone. How much time are you spending talking to God. The most powerful prayer you or I can pray
    is ” Lord Change ME”

  17. I pray for the day when we can begin to do what the Lord desires that we do.
    I understand full well the actions of accountability, I understand walking in
    integrity. I understand desiring a more excellent way. I also know that we
    are in a sin sick world that does not stop at the door of churches. We need
    more prayer warriors and less prying spies. We need more folk willing to
    pray about the situation rather get on the phone and talk about it. Be careful
    how you are ready to be judge, jury, and crucify your brother or sister of the
    faith. The bible says. ” Touch Not” and that means not only them but everything that belongs to them. Woe be it unto you for speaking ill of a situation that you have not known in full detail. I am most grateful to God for
    leading me to Empowerment Temple. I will serve there ” As, Unto the Lord”
    of my life. I am most Thankful for a Pastor and his WIFE who have shown the
    inner strength of rising up and moving forward inspite of the talk. I pray for the day when Lady Bryant, answers the call and speaks as the mighty woman
    of Grace and Valour she is. What a wonderful and strong woman she is. Her
    outward beauty has no shine as much as the inner strength of this woman. God can, God will, and God has already begun to restoration process. My grandmother used to always say. Any woman can get a man, but it takes a real woman to keep him. I encourage all women who have other women who
    do not respect or acknowledge the order and covenant. Pray for them. Pray
    first for their salvation. Then pray for their growth and maturity. Hurting people hurt others. Pray for the men, Pray for the women. Pray, Pray, and
    when you pray be sure to include yourself in the mix. Lord Give us No temptation lest you give us a way of escape. Amen.

  18. My prayer is that people would come to understand and know the word of God. Scripture declares that A just man will fall seven times but he gets back up and continues the the journey. If we would take time and look at our own issues and get out of everyone elses then we can pray for our Pastors and Leaders. Don’t think because you haven’t gotten caught that you are at air to judge. Let’s pull the beam out of our own eyes that we may see clearer Amen. Pastor Bryant keep sending the word of God to the nation.

  19. Just pray for them.– and make sure you’re living a life that is pleasing to our Savior Jesus Christ.

  20. The BIBLE simply says if we judge one then we are condemning ourselves, so be careful because we all have a soul to be save and who’s to say that we may fall, except we keep that single eye and stay focus, then GOD to can REVEAL what you are secretly doing. So I say unto one I say unto all not to justify what has happen here, but PRAY for the man of God because the Devil is not lurking at anything DEAD, Pastor Jamal Bryant was on the WALL for God and I hope and Pray that God will restore the man of God, There is a testimony behind what has happen and I know that God can take our mess and Bless someone Else. PRAY for His WIFE and Family that God will heal her. And please Pray Pray Pray Pray Pray for the Pastor.

  21. I have a problem with anyone who does not have a fear for God or a respect for God, the man that can give you live or death! Because if you don’t have a care in the world for your soul and look at the position and not the humbleness of Christ. The word said what does it profit a man and lose your soul. I listen to what he preached about on David, but in david sin he felled, and had to leave his area on many occasions, because he long to come back to Christ. Thanks be unto God he did, but what if he never got the opportunty to come back, he would have died in his on sin, so I suggest anyone in christ Jesus including me has to be careful of high position, because you can easily fall and the man, you are really going to need is your Saviour.

  22. Jamal Bryant, like so many others that have been self exalted by men in the local congregation, are casualties of the church! His talents & abilities have been exalted & used, but his spirit-man has not been dealt with!! Many pastors have benefitted from Jamal’s abilities, as well as Jamal himself, but no-one, including Jamal, is seeking the heart & face of God that God makes him whole because that will ruin the money as Jamal’s flesh would have to die that he could please God. True Christianity is much more than talents & abilities (which God gives without repentance), but a dying of our flesh & taking up our crosses daily to follow Christ!! A life of following Christ means that our lives are no longer our own, but we are bought with a price!! Jamal’s case is one of many predominantly in the “black church” in which he should have not been in the position to lead others until released by the Holy Spirit to do so. Because of his charisma, he was put in the position to fall & fall he did!! He shouldn’t have been there in the first place!!! Sure, it looked good & he can stir up a crowd, but kingdom ministry is about deliverance from sin & a life of discipline & self denial to follow Christ!! No one discerned this man’s life or loved him enough to discipline him in the Christian faith until he was ready for genuine ministry!!! Shame on those responsible, including Jamal himself!!! Shame to those who defend this behavior & cast judgement to those who call this man’s sin out. If his sins were done openly, he should be rebuked openly by the body!! If his sins were done privately, then he should be dealt with privately, according to the Word!!! The defenders are glad in a way to see him fall because this helps them to justify themselves in their own sinful lifestyles & still profess their Christianity!!!! This man is still being put before the sheep of God to minister, when life does not reflect the God he is supposedly preaching about!!! Wake up people & stop being outwardly religious!! Yes, my heart desires to see Jamal Bryant in right standing before GOD, fpr enough damage has been done bcause of foolishness!!! But, I hold everyone’s life, mine first & foremost, up to the biblical lense to observe our actions in light of biblical truth!! If our lives are contrary to Scripture, the alarm needs to be sounded, and the Bible’s resolution & pattern must be followed!! Stop self-exalting & self-anointing men who can tap into your emotions, but not lead you into deliverance from sin!!! The day is coming & now is, that they that worship God must worship Him in spirit & in truth

  23. There will be no more bashing! Only constructive posts will be posted from here on out!

  24. God bless you and keep you and your family we all have sinned and fell short of the glory of god but we must pray and keep god first and he will work it out . pastor keep looking up and you and your wife keep the faith. dont let the world destroy your marrige. trust god he is the head of our lives.

  25. Pastor Bryant belongs to God…the most loving and caring of Fathers.
    He can and will be chastized and corrected from above.
    He does not need to be smeared by a witches council or a not so well meaning group of his peers and perishiners. It’s really not about being without sin or casting stones. It’s about not touching God’s anointed.
    In other words…’ mind your business and leave Jamaal alone. He is not yours. He’;s God’s. Check all your closets for skeletons. then sweep around your own front door. It’s eye opening and its time consuming.
    All have sinned and come short.

    Susinct in DC;

    Dr. Ethel L. Walden

  26. Dr. Walden you got your preach on! Good Word!

  27. In the bible it tells us that all the gift without love is nothing. How is it that men and women of God go through hell every day for us but when they fall we send them straight to hell. Pastor Bryant made a mistake and guess what? When God called him he new he was going to do that. So if God knew ahead of time why are we trippin. I understand the former first lady point but it sounds like she’s still hurt. My wife stepped out on me but to Gods grace we are still together. We need to pray because this can happen to anybody who is call be God. Even humble mea and women sin.

  28. To all would be Internet Prophets, a prophet speaks to edification, exhortation, and comfort. If your comments consists of words that contain none of the three, we will not publish it no matter how many scriptures you include in your comments!!!!!!!!!

  29. My mother invited me to church on Sunday.. She said she prayed and prayed and prayed about going. I asked,”why?” Why do have to pray so hard to go to church. She said there is going to be a guest speaker, Jamal Bryant. She heard that he cheated on his wife and had a child by a member of his church, and the young woman was only 17. I dont attended church often but I thought this would be intresting…. Its intresting because. I was invited to a church (Bethany Baptist ) Lindenwold NJ. and I have heard so much about a man(Jamal) that no one has ever met…. I started to think what do they say about me when I am not around( I have known them my entire life) So I explained to my mother that when She excepted Jesus Christ into her life that didnt make her different than me… God loves us all. We all make mistakes. We all have our faults…. So dont judge this man that we know nothing about. Up lift your brother in Christ and let him know that we as Christians are here to support/pray for/and love our Brother… SO see in church tomorrow Pastor Jamal Bryant

  30. Life is not a storm thing jesus promise is victory.let us uphold pastor jamal in our prayer of victory.He had been a blessin,and still a blessing to the body of christ. Now he needs our PRAYER,LOVE,ENCOURAGEMENT and good comment from us.

  31. Wow! All I can say is have you ever did something wrong and you knew it was wrong. Mabey smoking, having sex, stealing, and you’ve done it purposlly and not just once but a few times. Yes we all have. The fact of the matter is God has been real good to us even when we have been real bad. Now rather or not he was called to be a pastor in this season, or ever is something that no one in these blogs know because we are no the Lord Jesus. And since I am myself a minister called to pastor with the vision the Lord has given me I am very carefull to put my mouth on the man of God knowing that what ever judgement i cast will come back to me. so all you brothers and sisters that say “why i never” i’ve seen many men and women who said the same thing and did exactly what they cast judgemnet on… ie JImmy Swaggard. So please pray for him because i hear what you say that God holds a stricter judgement for his teachers. But the truth is God holds a stricter judgement to ALL those who take on his name. So how many times have you invited a co-worker, family member, or friend and the same people you tried to talk to about God saw you act a hot mess. should we blog about you and say you need to stop coming to church because the spirit is just not with you. So get off the man’s back all of my idle minded friends. God has set order for a reason and the people that God has set in his life to lead him I’m sure is able to give the ample amount of rebuke he needs and God himself will correct the situation. Holla………

  32. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone… Isnt that what is in the Bible…None of us is without sin so no one cannot Judge Pastor Bryant in any way, shape or form. He is human. What people fail to realize he is not God, he is human. God forgive us…We must learn to forgive to. Instead of being so judgemental.”Touch not mine anointed ones, and do my prophets no harm.” It also states in the Bible (Psalms). Be careful of the things you say against this man of God.

  33. I feel he needs time to repair his life ‘– and his families life —
    maybe the ministry that he is under should help him by sending him to a restoration place for ministers –and as i said above the children!! need ministry
    we are to be clean minded and clean in spirt at all times keep our eyes on the lord and come away from the world – Minister esp. need to take extra steps to stay clean as they are feeding so many ( would we feed people with dirty hands -in the natural?) noooooooooo stay clean before God Put a filter on your computer blocks on your tv stay away from R rated movies wordly magazines ect. disipline yourself stay clean before our God
    he loves you

    lets pray for them

  34. I was very disappointed and hurt when I first heard of what Pastor Bryant allegedly did. Adultery is wrong and hurtful but I am defintely not here to judge. That is a great idea that someone wrote about a place of restoration for Ministers who fall. If all this is true, hopefully Pastor Bryant has repented to the Lord and asked his congregation and family for forgiveness. Now he can move on. No one needs to constantly remind him of his wrong doing (if all is true). I am sure he gets little sleep because of it. It will be hard to recover from this but God can do it. LEt us remember not to judge since we have no heaven or hell to put anyone in. Pastor Bryant has to carry the cross of all of this BUT we have the burden of praying for him and other Pastors because the devil desires to kill, steal and destroy.
    P.S. Let us not forget to pray for the children connected to this ordeal. Let them not become casualties of this.

  35. EVERYBODY!!!!!!!! Just pray for the family and keep them all lifted up in JESUS name. Let the GOD that we all know and love heal this family.

  36. Jamal is in Tampa this very night and I am going to go and here the WORD of GOD. *U*B*Blessed*

  37. This man of God, with his annointing has blessed my soul. I always teach to Let God Handle HIS Business.

    We are admonished TO “pray for each other, in season and out of season.” I wonder what that REALLY MEANS.

  38. I don’t know why Pastor Jamal Bryant hasn’t been on TV lately but I saw him at a church in Atlanta, Ga and he was awesome!! Whatever the situation is I know God can work it out. I pray that whatever he, his wife, children and family (church family) are going through GOD WII PREVAIL AND WORK IT OUT!!!! LORD BLESS THEM ALL!!!!!!!

  39. Whatever Cleve Cherry! Every human, you do know Dr. Jamal H. Bryant is a human, has “come short” at some point. Get Over It! He’s a man, made of FLESH. Don’t you have something better to talk about? How about we pray for healing for the universe; pray for the homeless; pray for abused children; and so on. Let’s get to the business at hand and leave Dr. and Mrs. Bryant’s person life alone. Regardless of the position he holds in the church and community, he is human. If you have no respect for the Bryant’s, have some respect for their children who must go to school and social outings while we adults gaulk at them. Would you want your business in the public like this.

  40. I began to listen to Pastor Bryant about four months ago, I too was dealing with some personal storms and he helped me through them. I don’t know of anyone here on this earth that can throw a stone, kick some dust, or blow a bubble on someone that has sinned. We tend to put too much of our faith in “MEN OF GOD” and not “THE REAL GOD” When others make mistakes this is when you pull out you note pad and learn, not your gable and sentence. I enjoy viewing Empowerment Temple via streaming faith every Sunday and Tuesday. I had no idea until today when I visited youtube that Pastor Bryant had any media field day problems, I guess because I realize he is human just like me!!! You all look at your own life and see God’s mercy toward you and then pray for all men and women of God, they need prayer just like you!!

    One Life One Love

  41. I can identify with this brother and I speak on behalf of all real Pastors not to say that all of them make that type of mistake but we make a mistake and do have faults. I recently went through the same thing at my church and it tore those ones up and apart who really didn’t know God and placed me above Him but for those who have a relationship with God understood the attack of Satan and recognized me as a man under attack. Jesus said these words to Peter “Satan seeks to swift thee as wheat” why well because Satan knew the power that Peter would preach with the power that Peter would posesse to win many souls unto Christ. Well Satan has the same motto to attack heads, leaders Pastors because if the head is cut off then the body will fall. God bless this Pastor let us pray for him as we should pray one for another/ And please I solicit your prayers for me and the church in which God has called me to lead. Forgive us Father for we really don’t know what we do Amen

  42. First and foremost, I would like to pray for both Bro. Jamal and Sis. Gizelle, may the Lord who is strong and mighty cover and bless you both. The enemy is alive and well appointed on his job. My sister Gizelle, I pray that the LORD will heal you and perfect you as his stripes on the cross intend to do. Allow him to work in and through your heart the hurt, embrassment, and all the other emotions you will feel through this process. Remember, our Savior has promised, “he will never leave or forsake us.” It is not until the enemy attacks us that we experience this faithfulness in it’s manifestation. This is a simplistic statement, but I promise, as I myself can testify….He will not forsake or leave you in your most crucial storm. He does not SAVE us so that he can abandon us. The CROSS was to critical for that.

    I will continue to pray for you and your family that you are healed, nothing missing, nothing broken. Stay strong! This too shall pass.

  43. By the way Cleve Cherry…I love you with the love of Christ, and I encourage you to not be so quick to say who should and should not be where God has placed them. Whether some may like it or not Jamal is a pastor…which is a gift that God gave to the church and He placed them in the Body as He saw fit and if you continue to read that ephesian text it goes on to give the reasons why He did so. The bible also teaches that the Holy Ghost places the Pastor…I’m just sayin…I don’t want to tell the Holy Ghost He was wrong!
    That man belongs to God…I think God can deal with him much better than us….

  44. I’m going to continue and pray for pastor Bryant and his family ; as well people heart’s toward him that they forgive him.

  45. I just have to say that I think we need to continue to pray for Pastor Jamal and his family. Instead of judging and criticising, lift them up in prayer. One thing I have learned is that it is wrong to judge someone that is going through something that you’ve never been through yourself, and believe me, if you do that, your time will come to walk those very same steps. So continue to lift up this man of God and don’t judge. Every one does something for a reason, that’s between him and God, and who knows maybe Pastor Jamal needs someone to minister to him and bring about a healing in his life.

  46. I have been listening to this pastor on The Word Network and have really enjoyed his sermons. Regardless of the situation, we are not to cast another person down because of his/her down falls. If we do this, are we great than God? NO.
    Within God’s word, it teaching us to love one another. Regardless of a persons downfall, we are not to judge anyone. Who on earth has the power to judge another person? No One. If a man falleth, God is righteous enough to forgive him.
    Reallize that God will bring storm in your life in order for him to get the Glory. So before you look at things on the face value, use your spiritual eyes to see deeper than what is provided.

    Be blessed.

  47. Blessings to all, surely i understand both sides of the audience in that there is a struggle going on trying to deal with such a topic. I guess before we cast the stones or dismiss him as innocent, lets deal with the Word to get some guidance. First of all the word tells us “if any man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual go to him and RESTORE him in the spirit of meakness but consider yourself lest ye also be tempted (Gal 6:1) with this scripture in mind, i ask for forgiveness for casting stones. As a Man of God, Preacher, Bishop or layperson we as christians are to strive to be holy, in that struggle to walk we often times get tangled up in the flesh. Should we, No, absolutely not, do we, yes, all the time. Jesus himself dealt gently with the person because their value was worth Him dying for. If the blood of Christ and the convicting power of the Holy Spirit is not powerful enough to deliver Pastor Bryant, surely our efforts of socializing it is all in vain. We must get out of the habit of looking pass our own sin to see someone else’s but rather we need to look at our own lives and pray that we stay away from such actions. Lord I pray for this Man of God, Gift to the Body, Anointed of God and His family. I pray for the subjects that were victimized and even those that freely gave themselves in hope of obtaining some image, favor, passion or love. Heal them all, guard the Body of Christ and Help all of my brothers and sisters to walk worthy of the name to which were were given. Deliver me from my lusts, passions, and desires that goes in opposition to your will. I thank you for your blood and dont take it for granted. IN Jesus Name. Amen

  48. I would like to lift Pastor Bryant, Sister Gizelle and the ET family up in prayer as they are going through this storm. I believe everything happens for a reason. We all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory! I can honestly say that Pastor Bryant is an anointed vessel that God has chosen to use for such a time as this. I am a member of Empowerment Temple and I absolutely love it! We must not forget that Pastor Jamal is a man and we are not to set our eyes on him, but the Man that sent him!! God almighty. Let us keep praying and asking God to restore this siuation. Peace and love always!

  49. People get divorced for many reason, the person that want to can often lie on their spouse to make themselves look like the victim. I have been married for twelve years and I get tired of some of the same things that causes problems in my marriage. We are all flesh that often become weak to temptation, causing us to make the wrong choices in situations. We are all human with faults and secrets that we don’t want people to know about (find out about). Pastors are flesh to, even though they should be role models they sometimes get weak. Not to say that it is right for a man to abuse the his power over the people, but at the same time we have all came short of the Glory of God. In order to get to Heaven, we have to forgive Pastor Bryant. He have to answer to a higher power that sit high and look low. Everybody has to face JUDGMENT for themselves!!!!!

  50. GOD boless

  51. Wait!!!!!!!!!!!! How dare anyone try to put the finger at someone, when they are unclean themselves. We are all filthy without being covered by the blood. I know this because the bible says that all have sinned, and come short. I dont know what happened to Pastor Jamal bryant, but what I do know is that he is dealing with an ungodly spirit. We all have to deal with.them from time to time. If God reaveled the skeletons in our closet, there would be no one standing in any congregation. Nothing but lies from the pitt of hell!!! You can run and hide beind other faults, but God see us for who we are. We are nothing. The great thing about God is that he doesnt not allow our foolishness to stop his annointing. Now, I am all for being accountable and Pastor jamal should be, however, We need to pray for him and lift him up over this trial. Because I also know that He is annointed Vessel of God, and that his annointing is greater than his flesh. I pray that God helps him crucify his flesh and that men would learn from his mistakes. We serve a God that can take our failures and use them for his Glory. I believe this is what God will do for Pastor Jamal Bryant. Stop critizing and start praying. Peace

  52. Thanks for your timely comments Filthy but Saved by Grace!

  53. Just pray!

  54. My Bible lets me know in 2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, If any man be Christ he is a new creature: old things are passed away behold, all things are become new. (Think about it Doc).

  55. REPLY FOR Melanie said, May 8, 2008 @ 8:52 pm

    Thank you for your openness, honesty, obedience and understanding. Let the word of God be true and every man a lair.

  56. This is your pastor friend from houston tx man dont be worried about nasayers keep preaching in season and out of season you the man.The Potter’s Place Church NOW!!!!!! City of Refuge Church.

  57. We all have sinned and come short of the glory of God! I don’t think anyone has room to judge anyone! He made a mistake, but what makes him so real is that he knows he messed and he KNOWS that he’s forgiven! I will still watch his sermons! It’s a shame that the people of God would say such things! Let go and let GOD!

  58. so many opinions, so little time…..we are living in the last days! king david was a man after God’s own heart and he was a murderous adulterer yet he was still annointed. i think many folks don’t realize that God annoints and appoints whomsoever He will. After all, an annoiting has nothing to do with the individual except that it come from the Lord. I cannot be so quick to judge Rev. Jamal because although adultery and fornication may not be my issue believe me when i tell you i got some issues too! But I thank the Lord that the cross of Calvary already took care of them. Yes, there is something wrong WITH all of us but we tend to forget that there is something right IN us if we have accepted the Saving Grace of Christ Jesus. Christians have bussied themselves categorizing sin into neat little packages of do’s and don’ts. We are taught not to drink, smoke, cuss nor have sex outside of the institution of marriage, lie, steal or cheat-all of these are sinful behavior. Funny how it is seldom mentioned that an unforgiving heart, self righteousness, and standing in judgement are also not pleasing in the sight of God. Time out for picking and choosing on the sin question. Sin is what it is….Rebellion against God-PERIOD! So before anyone can sit in the seat of judgement, ask yourself “what’s my area of rebellion” because you got one! Just like the Lord continued to use David after he repented from the Bathsheba/Uriah situation, He can continue to use Rev. Jamal mightily. In closing, we need to lift this young brotha up whom the Lord has obviously called. Remember the gates of hell are coming at Rev. Jamal with semi-automatic weapons and tanks for setting the captives free and EMPOWERING them. Come on now, do you seriously think the enemy is going to sit by and leave a church by the name of EMPOWERMENT TEMPLE alone? OF course not because as its name suggests, EMPOWERMENT is what his congregation is feeling and how they are operating. The enemy does not want to see anyone empowered to bring about a change in their lives so he started with the head of the church. without the head the rest of the body can’t function! Be encouraged Rev. Jamal and let the Lord do what He needs to do in you and through you. As for me, I’ll be praying that while He’s working that He give you the strength to stand it!

  59. Praise the Lord. I was restored to the Lord on 09/3/08 . I didnt know of Pastor. I saw him while listenig Pastor Td jakes. I found Pastor to be awesome. I was bragging and telling others of Him. I just realized that there were issues. I am so encouraged by the people of God who are supportive. I know that I want to also pray for this family. I would love to see the power of God work this out, I am believing God to reconcile my marriage of thirty years. The devil wants us to try to undue what God has put together. God honors marriage We cant suffer through anything these days. longsuffering is not heard of today. But God is able and ready to save and deliver. Power and encourgement to the men and women of God. The devil is a liar. God is true. Let God gave His way.

  60. If anyone should ever write your life story,You will find good and not so good but let it be said that JESUS is the best thing DESPITE your mistakes that ever happened to you.
    This is not the first mistake known to man and it want be the last.
    We serve a true and living God .
    This was the reason for the CROSS. God knew this day would come but he also knew this to would pass
    Praying for you your brother in Christ

  61. My prayers go out to Pastor Jamal Byant & First Lady ! THE DEVIL IS A LIAR &THE TRUTH IS NOT IN HIM . MAY GOD BLESS THIS MAN & WOMEN OF GOD.

  62. Extra, Extra, Extra Read all about it. It is time that we stop criticizing people for not being who we think they should be. We have forgotten the essence of “minding our business.” We do not know if the REAL reasons for divorce and even though I am totally against DIVORCING. Jesus knows and GOD understands. If you have, the time read Jeremiah 3:15. Jamal is in Albany, NY tonight continued to preach those “Giant Killers” and “How to make your wife climb the Wall.” They can see you Jamal.

  63. I am really amazed at the post on this page and the fact that everyone seems to be preaching and saying what thus sayeth the LORD according to the book of them!!! Yes sin is sin. There is is no big sin little sin! I have several questions as to why this is big news? If it was one of the ushers of the church would it have mattered or been watched as closely as the pastor of the church? Is there anybody really praying or has it become so opinionated and judgemental that people are into it like the days of our lives or something? Some scriptures come to mind for the people that have so much to say about another mans life. My opinion means nothing and really neither does yours! God is no respector of persons and he anoints whoever, whereever, and however! Christians that are following Christ should know that!
    The scriptures are as follows: James 5:19-20/ Galatians 6/ Matthew 18:15-16/ Psalms 40:11-17. I pray for the people of this land. No one has a stone to throw at anyone no matter what the sin is. I pray for Dr. Bryant but because I know the GOD that I serve I already know that he will come out of this. It is the people like on this site and others that need to be aware of who they have their mouth on. GOD BLESS! Real believers in the FAITH….

  64. God’s word states that the greatest gift is Love. We should pray for one another and let us not judge anyone. We have all sinned and fallen short of God’s glory. We are so quick to sweep around someone elses door instead of doing a spiritual search of our own selves. Each one of us will be held accountable for our own deeds when we bow down before Christ. We are to forgive one another and continue to lift one another up. It doesn’t matter what the situation or circumstance is God is in control. Every day of our lives is predestined by our Lord in Savior. Right now I lift the family up in my heart and in my prayers and I offer the following. If you humble yourselves and give it to God he will take care of you. We are not accountable to man, we are accountable to the Lord. He was bruised for our iniquities and our sin has already been forgiven. Our duty is to desire to have a close relationship with the Lord and to allow our service to glorify him. Stay encouraged, be blessed and continue to carry out the work God has placed in you. People are so quick to judge one another for their faults. However they forget the good you’ve done. Look to God for your reward! Be diligent, steadfast, love, forgive and continue to speak the word. Pastor Bryant you are one of the chosen ones and I pray for you and your family. Don’t give up because God hasn’t given up on you. Your testimony is for those who need lifting. to the First Lady, pray knowing that God has already worked it out and just know them same ones listening to your situation and offering bad advice are the same ones looking to be in your shoes. God Bless!

    Sister Warren
    St. John Missionary Baptist Church
    Boynton Beach, Florida