Bishop Thomas Weeks Says He Was Set Up and Abused!


In an exclusive interview with EURweb.Com, embattled Bishop Thomas Weeks tells Lee Bailey he was setup, abused, and betrayed! He also seems to have dodged a bullet with the criminal charges in his domestic violence/abuse case. Click below to read this stunning article. What do you think about this?

EURweb.Com’s Exclusive Inteview on Bishop Weeks

2 Responses

  1. I would believe him, before I would believe her. She is too vain, aggressive, and self-absorbed to be in ministry. Maybe after she repents for lying and slandering her husband for financial gain, she can be allowed to do more submissive work in the church, rather than trying to exercise a spirit of control and manipulation.


  2. “A rebellious spirit is a the same as witchcraft”.

    Be very careful about proud looks..God despises that.

    I really believe alot of thier problems escalated from Juanita having liposuction and cosmetic surgery. She use to think she was not attractive.
    Once she redesigned her lface and started to believe her outward appearance was defining who she is….she started acting vain and over the top. Guess what? Big foot was not having it. He was not in love with her, but the was attached through that salt covenant they made. (By the way, thats a powerful ritual) Plus, the tithes and offering were piling in.

    These were two of a kind ordinary folk who hooked up with hidden motives. They deceived themselves and the public. Then they got caught!

    Juanita saw that big chuck of a man, (in disguise) and she and her demanding ways, summons him. That man was already married with some serious issues. Juanita stepped in a rim (some dimensions she speaks of) that she had no business messing with. She should have left that man and his other wife alone. He was wrong to leave one woman and go to another….it don’t matter if they were having problems….you must leave a marriage right. You must close those previous doors completely.

    Juanita always appeared to be unhappy and strained in that marriage, even though she stated, “she met BOAZ”. Thomas Weeks body language never appeared to really be into her. He always appeared to be rather distant from her. He did try his best to look the part for the sake of the cameras. Even at that mega wedding, he looked like….”what in the world am I doing here?”
    I really believe Juanita is going to fade just like Iyanla Vanzant….remember, she had been to the “threshing floors”, “5th dimensions, “one with the universe”….etc.

    Juanita should not have been in that Essence magazine with her legs spreaded open like that. It was vulgar, unladylike, and unbecoming of a Godly woman.

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