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  1. Dr. Dollar said on CNN “The Lord Delights In The Prosperity Of His Servant.” I personally believe that he’s taken this way too far. It’s true that none of us really know what’s going on in a mans heart or his mind. We can only go by his actions.

    Dr. Dollar obviously believes that as long as he isn’t breaking any laws then it’s alright to move forward at full speed with any type of business he wants. It appears that Dr. Dollar may have proven himself to be a brilliant businessman by utilizing the services of expert accountants and financial advisers who are well educated on current IRS tax laws/codes, (specifically 501(c)(3) provisions) in order to profit in the “Non Profit Organization” arena.

    I may be proven wrong, but I personally don’t believe the investigation will turn up anything that is currently illegal, but if the investigation is able to go deep enough (which usually requires an awful lot of government money) they may be able to find abuse by greedy individuals, but abuse that is currently legal, but since it would be frowned upon, it would initiate changes in tax laws for “Religious” non-profit organizations that would make it too difficult or nearly impossible for these types of abuses to occur in the future.

    I’m sure Dr. Dollar and his hand full of Million Dollar A Year income bracket members don’t want to see this happen, because if it does, He’ll lose those wealthy members and he’ll have to just rely on the $5, $10, $20 to $50 a week donations currently being made by his “Sincere, God Fearing” members.

    Now, I like the fact that people have an opportunity, in this country, to go out and pursue their goals, become rich, purchase mansions, yachts, jets, spend vacations anywhere in the world, shower family, friends and needy people with wealth if they choose to. But, because he claims to be a man of “God” who tells his Christian followers that their donations and gifts are going to the “Lords” work, I have to give Dr. Dollar a thumbs down because his ministry web site says that they distribute around 60 tons of food annually, to needy families. Do the math. They bring in over $69 Million a year in donations, but spend less than $250,000 a year to feed the poor. That’ll feed approximately 89 or so people every day, 365 days a year. His Church owns a Rolls Royce that is probably valued between $275,000 to $325,000 or even more. This would only make sense if his outreach ministry was totally confined to the city limits of Beverly Hills, California.

    The IRS has already deemed that “Religious” non profit organizations are NOT required to turn over information regarding their finances, so I don’t believe that this investigation is going anywhere at the present time.

    Do you believe in “God”? Well, even if you don’t, you and I can apply to the IRS for our own “Religious” non-profit, tax exempt status. We can go out and encourage people to withdraw their investments from 401K’s, stocks, bonds, and other tax shelter investments, and funnel their income through our bogus ministries. We can undercut the big mega churches by charging around 8% and still make a fortune.

    I’ve never been really good at singing, but I can pull out some of my old Jimmy Swaggart Gospel tapes to practice from and brush up on my Evangelical street type of ministry lingo and convince a few homeless people to come visit me at one of my low rent two bedroom homes just to convince the IRS that I actually have a congregation.

    Once I’ve obtained a 501(c)(3) provision that would exempt me from paying federal taxes, I’ll immediately obtain business loans in order to hire EXPERT accountants and financial advisers who can recite IRS tax codes backwards as well as forwards and in three or four different languages in order to counsel my …..WEALTHY, solicited investors. I’ll make a fortune, and then I can ignore Congress too.

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