What are Your Thoughts on Black History Month?

We are drawing close to the end of another Black History Month in yet another year. What are we accomplishing and what benchmarks are we setting by having Black History Month year after year? Is America truly learning about Black History or are the many corporate sponsors that honor Black History Month just paying their homage or their black tax (Diversity Initiatives that will appease the many black consumers who buy their goods and services with reckless abandon)? Why is Black History Month celebrated in the shortest month of the year?

One Response

  1. When we talk about black history, what are we talking about? We as so called African Americans, Blacks, Colored or any other name we have been given by the Gentiles, ( so called white people ). Our True History as Hebrew – Israelites begin in The Scriptures ( a.k.a. the Bible ). In Dueteronomy Chapter 28 YAH tells us what will happen to us if we disregard the covenent he made with our ancestors a.k.a the Children Of Israel. Duet. 28:46 says And they shall be upon you for a sign and a wonder, and on your descendants forever. You may ask what will be the signs? Read All of Duet. Chapter 28 for a more complete understanding. Duet. 28: 68 says and YAH will take you back to Egypt in ships… Now when He says back to Egypt in ships The Most High was talking about Slavery. Yes Egypt is known as the house of bondage. Most people could not understand that verse in the bible. The reason why our slave masters did not want us to know how to read is because they knew who we were and if we found out then we would do what YAH wants us to do. For true information about Real black history, read the entire scriptures for it is about us. Also for more detailed information and scriptural proof that we are the decendents of Israel go to http://www.hebrewisraelites.org

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